NFL Footballderdash/Week Three

My new nemesis has proved to be a worthy adversary. Last week we both faltered a little bit. Who seen that Browns offense coming? I’m sure there were more people that fell in survivor games with that loss last week than any other game since the Texans opened the season beating the Dolphins a few years back.

Time to look at week three, let’s review.

Last Week…

TINO: 1-2

Kelloggs23: 1-2


TINO: 4-2

Kelloggs23: 3-3

And now the week three games…


The Bengals should be ashamed of themselves the way the Browns made their D look like a bunch of boobs (cheap shot to use picture). The offense is hot but they are not playing the Browns D this week. Of course the offense was never the question. Shaun Alexander should have a heyday with these guys this week. What is hard to gauge with the Seahawks is the competition they have played so far. the Bucs and Cards could have both had fluke games, too soon to tell.

The 12th man (but not the one in College Station)
TINO: Seahawks

Which D will show up for Cinci? They thought that Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis lit them up? Wait til they see what Shaun Alexander does to them all by himself. I like Seattle this year and think they will surpass expectations. With that being said, TJ Housh will have a decent game, but it won’t be enough with the Seattle O scoring on 85% of their possessions.
Kelloggs23: Seattle Seahawks

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The Steelers are showing that sometimes change is a good thing. The offense appears to have new life, be it in the air or on the ground. The defense has only given up 10 points in two games. he Cardinals could very easily be 2-0 right now if it were not for a big last drive by the Niners in week one. It was still an ugly game. They had a big win last week within the division over the Rams but that doesn’t say much they way they are hurting.

Terrible towels with Pitt at home.
TINO: Steelers

I was very happy to see Frank Gore do well last week in the wake of his mother’s death. It won’t happen again this week. Pittsburgh’s D has integrated the Tomlin factor into their already stellar D and Big Ben is playing like he did two years ago. He’s being smart and giving Willie the ball a lot. I find no fault in that. SF just doesn’t impress me at all, Gore included. Pitt has the all around game to do very well this year.
Kelloggs23: Pittsburgh Steelers @

Sunday Night Priiiiime Tiiiime. Dallas is looking scary good on offense this season so far. Romo to T.O. has been clicking and Romo is showing so far that he deserves that big payday that he wanted this spring. Although they should have a real good unit this season I’m not impressed with the 65 points the D has given up in two games under their new Defensive minded Coach. Chicago is not putting up many points but the D is carrying them as expected. Although they didn’t win in week one against San Diego, it was a victory in itself to hold back L.T. The Cowboys have not beat the Bears at home in the regular season since 1984.

Two things are bound to happen sometime this season. The Cowboys look mortal and Rex Grossman has a good game.
TINO: Bears

Who’s gonna make more mistakes? Tony R or Sexy Rexy? My $ is on Rexy making more costly mistakes. The Chicago D is stifling, but Chicago’s D seems to choke itself out more often than not. TO won’t be the one with the big game, I’m going with Jason Witten & Julius Jones. Wild cards because I’m feeling frisky this week.
Kelloggs23: Dallas Cowboys
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