NFL Jabber 9/19/07 Donovan McNabb is feeling pressure. Not because he is the QB on an 0-2 team in Philly but because he is a black QB. They naturally undergo more pressure in the NFL. I don’t want to sound like I’m not sensitive to the situation but I don’t think Donovan McNabb has felt more pressure any given day in his career for being black than Joey Harrington has felt for being Joey Harrington.

“It’s nothing that I’m upset about,” McNabb said. “It’s something about being part of the NFL and communicating with others who have played in this league at the position. That’s just something that we feel we’re kind of measured by.

“It’s sad that it’s that way. It’s nothing that’s going to affect what we set out to do.” Calvin Johnson is not paying attention. He is a first round pick for the Lions. He is a WR in his rookie season. He has 8 catches for 131 yards and a couple of TD’s in two games. Isn’t that cute? Derek Anderson doesn’t know he is in Cleveland. Dude, your going to be the third stringer for Arizona in a week.

“We went out and had a good game on Sunday,” Anderson said. “Now we have to prove to everybody that we can continually come in week in and week out, move the ball, run the ball, and make plays.” We want to say kudos to the Titans. You have one of the best friggen Coaches in Pro Football. He wants to coach for you and you paid the man.

“I have never even considered leaving,” Fisher said. “I’m enjoying living here, enjoy coaching here. It was never a consideration. Hopefully, I can finish my coaching career here.” Being an Iowa guy I may be a little biased but I think that if Bob Sanders (this weeks AFC D guy of the week) can put together a full season he will be one of the premier D players in the league. The guy is a little monster.

“We’ve played a couple of games where he has had chances because of the offensive team we played,” Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy said. “He has had chances to make a lot of plays and he has made them. For us, when we’re playing well and he’s in the lineup, you can make a case every week for him to get an award.”

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. What a bummer for the Texans. Best start in franchise history, going up against one of the best teams in the league this week, and your best player is sitting out. Andre Johnson will be watching from the sidelines.

“I’ll probably be the team’s biggest cheerleader,” he said. “I’m going to go out and encourage these guys as much as I can.” In other Johnson news, Tank is in perfect position to be comeback player of the year after getting on with the Cowboys. Doesn’t look at it as a “chance” though. So Bobby Petrino doesn’t care for the 13 sacks on Joey Harrington. Solution? Stick Byron Leftwich’s agile ass back there.

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