Who in the hell do I start week three?

Things are not going as planned on many rosters. Where is LT, LJ, SJax? Wide Receivers are the ones putting up points, especially in PPR leagues.

Thanks to everyone that posted questions and or answers last week. I was taken away from the computer Sunday morning so I apologize for not getting to all of them before game time. This week I will be here until kickoff. Those that posted comments won’t have to wait for the approval to have comments post now (damn spammers make us do it). We really do appreciate the help in getting this little project up and running. Thanks to Fantasyfootballgoat.com
for the linkage and props last week.

So what do you have on your mind? Thinking about starting all those Browns over guys that are supposed to be sure things but have not panned out? What’s with the Saints players?Getting some trade offers or thinking of offering one? Post your questions and answers in the box below. We had more people answering them than asking last week. For more fantasy football talk feel free to stop by our Fantasy Football Talk forum as well!

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18 Responses to “Who in the hell do I start week three?”

  1. FFGoat Says:

    Not a problem Tino! Nice pictures too.


  2. Kelloggs23 Says:

    Need 2 WRs out of these:

    Ronald Curry vs Cleveland
    Chris Chambers @ NYJ
    Hines Ward vs San Fran
    Deion Branch vs Cincinnati

    6 pts TD, 1 pt every 10 yards

  3. Tino Says:

    Although Hines Ward is not a big fantasy WR, he is the most consistent of the four.

    Raiders still scare me and Trent Green couldn’t get it to his team last week.

    Branch had a nice seven catch for 122 yards last week. If he could get that and one in the endzone it would be nice.

    If it were me I would go Ward and Deion Branch this week.

  4. Bill Says:

    I’m stuck with non-producers for my #3 Wr’s: V Jack, Mark Clayton, and Patrick Clayton. Who should I start. Should I be replacing any of them with some WW pickups?

  5. Kelloggs23 Says:

    What are your WW options?

    I’d say stick with what you have. It isn’t likely that all of them will turn it on, but at least 1 of ’em should come around.

  6. Tino Says:

    I don’t remember a season that has started out like this in some time where the guys that were supposed to produce just outright didn’t.

    The Dallas O is putting up numbers but they are going to T.O. on the WR end. Crayton was hurt last week and got some stiches in his finger. Sam Hurd will continue to get time but outside of his TD even he is going off three catches.

    Mark Clayton has a toe injury holding him back and may not give you numbers for some time. Hanging on to this guy depends on if you want to freeze a roster spot for him. These guys get the Bears this week…ugh.

    I want to believe that Vincent Jackson is going to bust out one of these weekends. They draw the tough Packers D this weekend and even though he gets the looks, LT and Gates just get the ball too much.

    If you don’t want to get rid of any of them and want to start one of these three, I would go Vincent Jackson this week. His schedule gets a bit easier after this week with KC as well. this is still a weak start. Depending on your waiver wire, it may be time to think of cutting ties. Who do you have as options?

  7. Bill Says:

    Slim pickin’s on the waiver wire as well but I’ve heard some things about James Jones and I was looking at Drew Carter in Carolina or the dude (whose name escapes me) that took over for Kennison in KC.

  8. Kelloggs23 Says:

    Dwayne Bowe? Get him & dump Clayton. Pass on Drew Carter and James Jones isn’t bad, but who knows what he’ll get when Jennings gets back.

  9. Tino Says:

    Drew Carter did me good in week one but not so much week 2. I think that is going to be a consistent thing…him being inconsistent.

    Like Kelloggs said, Jones won’t see as much time when Jennings returns.

    If your looking for a long term that will be inconsistent but may be the best of those options, look at Dwayne Bowe.

    Your in a tough position on those.

  10. Bill Says:

    So would you guys start Dwayne Bowe over V Jack this week?

  11. Kelloggs23 Says:

    Ooooo, that’s a tough one. Flip a coin.

  12. Tino Says:

    Are you going to be dropping VJax for Bowe? YOu have to consider if you want to do that. If I had to choose between the two THIS week I think I would go Bowe. I don’t know about a season long move though.

  13. Bill Says:

    no i was actually debating dropping either clayton or crayton for bowe. i still have faith in V Jack…

  14. Tino Says:

    Of those two, considering where tey sit on their teams depth charts, I would drop Crayton.

  15. Tino Says:

    Anybody have thoughts on Marion Barber vs. Bears or DeShaun Foster vs. Falcons? I hate to bench Barber and Foster will split time with D. Williams. I have Barber in now.

  16. Bill Says:

    thanks for the advice tino…now i kind of wish i took it before this weekend! bowe had another score and will surely be picked up this week. i have a crappy waiver rank so i probably won’t get him. but i DID start Vjack and it paid off. hopefully he keeps the ball rolling now.

  17. Tino Says:

    I thought about you when VJax scored. Not in a funny way…

    I will have this weeks up later today. Bye weeks and injuries are picking up!

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