NFL Footballderdash/Week two

My new nemesis and I, Kelloggs23, are set to make our week two picks here for Footballderdash. Last week the only game that separated our picks was the San Diego and Chicago game. I’m happy to say that I came out on top in that debate picking the Chargers. The Bengals had us on our toes but came through. We benefited from the Tony Romo, T.O. love affair as the Cowboys downed the Giants.

Last week…

TINO: 3-0

Kelloggs23: 2-1


TINO: 3-0

Kelloggs23: 2-1

Let’s get to this weeks games!

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The Chargers have a chip on their shoulder from the Pats ending their season in the playoffs last season. The offense didn’t have much of a showing….but enough…against the Bears last week. Nothing against Rivers but why not just make LT an option QB? Rivers will have to step up this week as the Patriots will be sure to key on Tomlinson. The Patriots should be looking to prove they can win without cheating this weekend. They have more offensive power than the last time these two teams met. Randy Moss is pretty good. So is Tom Brady. Together they seem to be pretty good.

Patriots at home proving they deserve the Lombardi’s they have. Tough week for the Chargers.

TINO: Patriots

Did someone say Sunday Night? Prime time? San Diego can thank the NFL schedulers for this loss because the only thing they’ll be seeing is the back of a jersey that says Moss. (Not bad, huh?) Randy will show that he is back and ready for prime time with a huge night against the suspect SD pass D. The New England D will do just enough to keep LT from going wild (look for Gates to have a nice game) and Tom to Randy will dominate the evening. This one might start out a little slow, but once it gets going… WATCH OUT!

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The Rams have got to be coming into this game on a mission being at home and starting 0-1. A division win would be huge right now as the Cards already have one. We can expect a big dose of Steven Jackson as he ran very well against the Niners last season. Orlando Pace being out for the season is a big concern for the Rams. Alex Smith’s balls dropped so to speak. In one final drive last weekend he became an NFL QB. He is going to have to play more than one drive this week however. Getting Frank Gore and the running game going will be a big factor. Patrick Willis will be hawking SJax.

A Rams team in need of a win and at home will outweigh the Niners over confidence.

TINO: Rams

San Fran needed a late drive to win an ugly game against Arizona, but that’s better than the game St. Louis had against Carolina. Regardless, I don’t see rookie phenom Patrick Willis stopping both SJax and the Rams aerial assault. The Rams offense just seems to be too much for the 49ers and that will make the difference in the end. St. Louis’s D is underrated and will prove plenty competent against a less than stellar SF offense

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It just dawned on me writing this that these two teams are going to have some of the most exciting offense in the division in years to come with Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson. The Lions overachieved in week one performing much better against the Raiders D than expected, putting up 36 points. The Lions D did give up two TD’s in the air to a team that had 6 all of last season. The Vikings had a monster showing on D with two TD’s itself. Adrian Peterson had his coming out party and the Vikings will run right at the Lions until they are shown they can be stopped…which may not happen.

Running game plus Defense gives the Vikings the edge to start 2-0.

TINO: Vikings

How many years has it been since both these teams won in week 1? Seems like forever since I’ve seen Detroit & Minnesota at the top of the NFC Central, regardless I shouldn’t get used to it. Both teams had cakewalks in the first game of the year, but Minnesota stood out because of the way their defense played. Yes, I know it was Joey Harrington, but Atlanta had a top running game last year and it was shut down in week 1. ADAP (All Day Adrian Peterson) showed that he is truly a man and can play the game with a great week 1 and the Lions porous D won’t be able to stop him in his encore performance.

Kelloggs23: Minnesota Vikings

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