Who in the hell do I start?

Week one of the fantasy football season is behind us. Frustration sets in as those that were supposed to perform did not and some of those that were not supposed to did. Below is rare video footage of this frustration in action as There is NO offseason member, Bluewolf, gets the lowest score in our IDP Dynasty league.

Starting in week two we would like to start “Who in the hell do I start?” a a weekly segment. Please join in if you have a “Who in the hell do I start?” question or an answer for someone that posted.

Even if you don’t go with the answer it’s nice to get the opinion of other. If your considering it your already second guessing your gut anyway. Throw a question or answer down in the comment box below.


10 Responses to “Who in the hell do I start?”

  1. The Hazean Says:

    What do you think about the big three (Brady, Maroney, Moss) for the Patriots this weekend against San Diego?

  2. Kelloggs23 Says:

    Depends on who else you have. All 3 are potential starters just because of who they are, but if you have a good matchup with other players or depth then I would stray away from starting them against SD.

  3. tjford Says:

    Not sold on Maroney, I think that he loses Goal line carries to Morris/Evans again this week. Play another option if you have one.

    Play Brady and Moss for sure, San Diego’s secondary is weak. As long as the Pats offensive line can stave off the pressure (which they did fine last year in the playoffs), Brady will expose the Chargers’ CBs.

  4. Fantasy Football Blogger Blitz #7 | FantasyFootballGoat.com Says:

    […] have to check out his inagural post on a series he calls “Who the Hell Do I Start?’ The video in that post gives you an idea of how I felt when Todd Heap dropped a touchdown pass in […]

  5. Tino Says:

    Sorry I have been swamped this week. Good to see you stop by Hazer. I agree with TFord above here. Moss is back! He can be considered a legit starter again in my opinion until he has two consecutive bad weeks. Brady always is. If there is a better option than Maroney I would use them this week as well against the Chargers.

  6. Jeff Says:

    Kitna or Favre for week 2? There is a lot of talk about Favre having a big week, but looking at last week it is a tough call.


  7. Bill Says:

    Thomas Jones is Questionable today…my only other “viable” backup Lendale White…Should I start Jones in the hopes that he plays or go with White who will definitely get some carries? Who the HELL do I start?????? Also My Wr’s are Coles, Holt, V Jack, Mark Clayton, and Patrick Crayton. I’m starting Coles and Holt? Who the hell do I start for #3?

  8. Footballjoe Says:

    Its tough when you start 3 players from the same team, especially when going against a tough Defensive team like the Chargers. What are your other options?

  9. Tino Says:

    I do apologize Jeff and Bill. Unforeseeable things kept me from getting in here today. I hope you guys went with Favre and White.

  10. tjford Says:

    Alright smart guys. I need an opinion 1 pt/ 20 yds rush rec all TDs are 6 pts.

    I have Portis, McGahee and Marion Barber going at RB1, RB2 and flex. I have the option of Branch, Colston and Holmes.

    I’m thinking about going with Holmes if Ward doesn’t play but I’m not sure about Branch or Colston.

    In this league, you have to play the TD players. Yardage doesn’t win games for you. That being said, both Seattle and New Orleans are throwing teams. New Orleans just doesn’t have any other legit options at WR other than Colston.

    What’s your play here?

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