Monday AM Hangover/Week One

We are done with the first Sunday of the NFL season. There are already some unlikely wins and some overtime. Don’t you love when things don’t go as planned? That’s why the games are played they say. So now I give you some random thoughts on some games.

The Game Highlight links take you to the game page for each at the new where you can view video highlights. Pretty cool on their part although other parts of the new site are still lacking.
Game Highlights
Who the hell are these Texans? I realize they were playing the Chiefs and not much is expected of them this season. Thing is, the Texans are not supposed to win. Matt Schaub had an average showing but enough to show that the Texans made the right move with the trade. One of many to come I suspect, a 77 yard TD from Schaub to Andre Johnson…niiiiice. The defense was impressive, even scoring a touchdown thanks to that Williams guy they drafted last year.

43 yards against the Texans. That’s Larry Johnson’s total on the ground. He did get another 44 in the air but Johnson is supposed to be able to run all over these guys. For now we can chalk it up to not coming to work all summer. The Texans don’t appear as bad as usual but it has to hurt when Houston takes a knee on you to end the game…easily.
Game Highlights
Should the Browns just go with Brady Quinn now? All signs point to yes. It’s definitely not going to be a step backwards. Only reason not to is Quinn is going to be thrown around like a rag doll just as Charlie Fry and Derrik Anderson were against the Steelers. Things are not looking good this season for anyone on this team form the Coaching staff down.

I have to say I’m a little surprised that Big Ben only ended up with 161 passing yards in this game. Not that they needed more, he did get four TD passes, and the field was short often. 200 plus yards on the ground take away from that as well. The defense collected five turnovers and had their way with the Browns in every aspect except a short TD pass.
Game Highlights
The Vikings have two things going for them this season. Their Defense and Adrian Peterson. I hate to relish in someones injury but Chester Taylor going out early gave us the treat of seeing what Peterson is going to bring to the NFL. He gained 103 on the ground but the highlight was a 60 yards TD pass that he showed his hand ability on after a bobble and then gaining control. This guys is going to be fun to watch for many years to come! The defense scored a couple times as well and will keep this team in a lot of games this year.

The Post-Vick era has begun. Two INT’s and sacked six times for Harrington. Poor fella. Finally gets his shot at being the man and he is abused like that. Harrington will do better this season, and it can only go up from here, right?
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Game Highlights
As expected, Tomlinson had to beat the Bears defense for the Chargers to win this game. He did. TD’s on the ground and in the air. The Bears did a good job of stopping the run but they were able to get the ones that mattered. LT was actually out rushed by Michael Turner in this game. The Bears gave up four turnovers as well to the Chargers, nothing like some help.

Can we call for Rex Grossman’s head yet? This is what is going to happen when the Bears play a top D this season, just so ya know Lovie. Sad thing is that in the division they play in the Bears can be looking at playing for the top seed in the NFC again this year. Sad thing indeed.
Game Highlights
Steven Jackson is not off to a great start for his record setting season. 61 total yards. Better pick that pace up SJax! Dante Hall is paying off already in the return game for the Rams.

The Panthers are already acting like last season never happened. They moved the ball both in the air and on the ground. Carries were split almost equally between Foster and Williams but Foster gained 32 more yards on an extra two carries. Jake Delhomme scored three times in the air which will save him from people calling for David Carr already.

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