NFL Footballderdash Week 1

The NFL Football season is here! Well, it started Thursday but the real feeling doesn’t set in until you have a Sunday full of games.

This season I’m adding a new nemesis. Kelloggs23 from There is NO Offseason is going to join me each week in randomly babbling about a few games, picking a winner, and seeing who is more full of shit. With that said, let’s look at some games for week one… @

This is one of those games that is “The Super Bowl that could have been” in week one. The Chargers are coming in with a whole new coaching staff and the team is pretty much in tact sans Ol’ Man McCardell. The defense of the Chargers will be looking to rattle Rex Grossman. On offense they have to use their best player against one of the toughest D’s and see who breaks. It’s go time for Cedric Benson and he has to win this game for the Bears O.

Offense+Defense=2, Defense-Offense=1 Advantage:
TINO: Chargers

Can the stellar Bears D shut down LT? If they do, will Phillip Rivers be able to win a game by himself? Those are the questions that come with this game as the outcome hinges on the Chicago defense and what they can do against the Chargers O. Rex Grossman just has to play smart and not lose the game and the Bears should be able to come away with the win in this very good Week 1 game.

Kelloggs23: Chicago Bears @

The Cowboys players have a coach that they like and will reward him with a hard played game. Tony Romo looked to be over that little mishap in Seattle this preseason. T.O. is content. They have a two headed monster at RB. The 3-4 D should be all over the place. Eli Manning needs to make a statement in this game to get the fans and media off his back for a week. The questions of what their running game will be like without Tiki Barber will be answered early.

The Cowboys just seem to have more answers while the Giants have too many questions.
TINO: Cowboys

This match-up keys on the quarterback play. Eli comes into a year when he has to perform and Romo has to show that he can put the bungled snap in the playoffs behind him. The Cowboys come in without Terry Glenn due to injury, but that won’t matter because Romo is zoned in on TO and the running game will provide a good balance for them. The Cowboys D will confuse Eli and force him into a terrible game.

Kelloggs23: Dallas Cowboys @

I don’t have any interest in what kind of dance or shadow puppet thing Chad Johnson is going to do after TD’s but the guy is a monster. Johnson and Carson Palmer looked to be right on target in the preseason just as an athlete peeks for his event. The Ravens have a new RB in town that wants to prove that it was Buffalo that was bad, not him. McGahee could go off. The Ravens have a pretty good defense I hear.

With the game in Cincy I see the Bengals O edging the Ravens D.
TINO: Bengals

Top 5 offense against top 5 defense. Which one will give? The saying is that defense wins championships, but the offense will win this regular season game. Carson Palmer is fully recovered from his torn ACL of 2 years ago and looking to have a very good year. The Ravens lost Adalius Thomas and will be looking to fill this huge hole. Week 1 won’t be a kind match-up as they try to figure it out.

Kelloggs23: Cincinnati Bengals

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