AFC West…Some might say a preview

This is one of a series we are doing on the NFL Divisions. The Predicted Division Finish was compiled by looking at the schedule week to week. I know some of them look outlandish but that is how the dice fell. Crazy, huh?

The Poll results are taken from polls at There is NO Offseason.

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Predicted Division Finish:
Chargers 13-3
Broncos 13-3
Chiefs 3-13
Raiders 2-14

TINO Poll results
Chargers 83%
Broncos 16%
Raiders 0%
Chiefs 0%

Member quote: (Dingo)

The Chargers should win the division since they won’t be playing Marty
ball. Although Norv doesn’t have a great track record but in his
defense he’s never had great talent either.

The rundown…

Every game matters…just ask Marty. Norv turner was handed the most talented team in football. Remember when Jon Gruden left the Raiders and they ended up in the Super Bowl? You could see that happen in San Diego this year. The Broncos should challenge and make a wild card appearance with ease in this division as the drop off is big with the Chiefs and Raiders.

Quick take:

The players on the field won’t change much despite Turner and the rest of the coaching staff changing. It’s on the staff here as to how this team competes for the AFC crown. They are easily the best team in the division and should take it if they don’t stumble.

Big game:

Week one against the Bears. This is where they show what they have for the rest of the season. The D should be able to handle Rex Grossman and if they don’t they should and will be embarrassed.

Would be a big loss:

Week six hosting the Raiders. Wouldn’t it suck dropping a game to your biggest rival just before the bye week? A BAD division rival at that?

Quick take:

Some thought that Jay Cutler ws thrown into the mix too soon last year. It could benefit them now as they should be playing for a wild card this season and even the division if the new staff in San Diego trips up. They have to keep that D line healthy where if they were really horses they would have been putting a lot of them down this offseason.

Big game:

Hosting San Diego week five just before the bye. They will be coming off games against a tough Jags D and the Colts. This game can say a lot for how their season plays out and they will have a week to tihnk about afterward, good or bad.
Would be a big loss:

Week 14 hosting KC. It is now that we are shaping up the playoffs and dropping one to KC at home would hurt.
Quick take:

So after all the contract dancing this offseason, Larry Johnson will not be giving Priest Holmes a chance to play Superman. Johnson is very important to the team since QB play is going to be a HUGE questions mark going into the season with the departure of Trent Green to Miami.

Big game:

Week one against Houston would be a big win since they have a good chance of being 0-7 at the bye week if they lose it.

Would be a big loss:

Week 7 at Oakland. It’s the last week before the bye and as mentioned above they could be winless at this time, maybe 2-4.

Quick take:

Remember when the Raiders were scary? Depends on how old you are because it’s been a while. Isn’t going to change anytime soon. The QB situation is a mess for a team that took the guy who was supposed to save the position in the draft.

Big game:

Week 17 hosting the Chargers. How would you like to play spoiler Oakland? Pull off a win here and you may knock San Diego out of one of the bye weeks.

Would be a big loss:

Week one against the Lions. Wins are going to be hard to come by…take them when you can. Seeing 1-0 on the standings would be a high point of the season.

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8 Responses to “AFC West…Some might say a preview”

  1. edtajchman Says:

    The Chiefs don’t look super bowl ready but I will bet you $10,000 they will win 6 games. Seriously, I will make that bet in a second, you really dropped the ball by not picking them to win at least 40% of their games.

  2. Tino Says:

    I don’t think I dropped the ball. I just looked at the schedule each week and those were the games I thought they would win. I wasn’t looking at it thinking, “wow, they only have three wins, better give them another.”

    Truth is, I don’t know shit and don’t claim to be an expert so there is no ball to drop. For example, I think one of the wins I had for them was the Texans 😉

  3. edtajchman Says:

    I am honestly not sure if Herm Edwards is the right fit for K.C., but for not having won a super bowl he is already somewhat of a coaching legend. There is reason for this, his teams go to the playoffs 80% of the time. I’ll post again here when the Chiefs have won their sixth game.

  4. Tino Says:

    Look forward to it 😉

  5. edtajchman Says:

    I couldn’t wait till 6 wins, okay after week four we have 2 wins, with 6 of our 8 next games at home….
    do you want to admit you were wrong now about the Chiefs or until they win 7,8, or 9 games?

  6. Tino Says:

    I’ll at least wait until 7. I’ll admit that myself and 99% of the rest of the football world were wrong about the Chargers.

  7. edtajchman Says:

    lol, …That’s all anyone is talking about, the Chargers self destructing, let’s give some props to the Chiefs. Last time I checked the Chiefs have the 4th ranked defense in the NFL. Derrick Johnson, sack, forced fumble, interception. nuff said. Who’s your favorite team?

  8. edtajchman Says:

    oh yeah let’s not forget the Dwayne Bowe show, this is just the opening credits, 8 rec. 164 yds, TD

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