NFC North…Some might say a preview

This is one of a series we are doing on the NFL Divisions. The Predicted Division Finish was compiled by looking at the schedule week to week. I know some of them look outlandish but that is how the dice fell. Crazy, huh?

The Poll results are taken from polls at There is NO Offseason.

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Predicted Division Finish:
Bears 10-6
Packers 8-8
Vikings 6-10
Lions 5-11

TINO Poll results
Bears 75%
Vikings 12%
Packers 6%
Lions 6%

Member quote: (jscaba)

i think the pack might have one more run in them. i don’t know if the
bears can rely on their defense again this year. with thomas leaving
and grossman still at qb i guess i hope that favre can make one more

The rundown…

How scary is a division that Rex Grossman can win without his job being in jeopardy? The Bears should still easily take the North. Must say it would be nice to see Favre at least go out with a division title since a Super Bowl title isn’t going to happen. Could be the last season for Lord Favre.

Quick take:

This division belongs to the Bears until they want to give it up. Maybe Grossman will be held accountable if it’s a close race. The D should be stout again and Lance Briggs is fresh coming from a long nap. Ced Benson is the man and we think he will do just fine!
Big game:

Week 17 hosting the Saints. Home field could be at stake here and it’s better for the Bears to be playing at home in this one.
Would be a big loss:

Week 10 at Oakland. They are fresh off a bye week and should have at least six wins by now. Momentum for the last half of the season could be big going after home field and a trip in Oakland could shake that up. take:

Brett Favre’s last hurrah? Damn, what a career, huh? As mentioned above it sure would be nice to see these guys take the division at least since that appears to be the limit they can reach. As if he has not had to endure enough change over now Favre is dealing with a new running game.
Big game:

Green Bay at Chicago. Could be Favre’s last chance to take down the Bears at Soldier Field. If they are going to steal the division this game would be a must anyway.

Would be a big loss:

Week 17 hosting the Lions. If the Packers win one game this season this has to be the one. That is considering the assumption that this will be Brett Favre’s last home game of his career. Thanks Brett!

Quick take:

It’s officially Tarvaris Jackson’s show now. Well…for now, they did bring in Kelly Holcomb. The big news in Minny is Adrian Peterson. This can make for an exciting offense for years to come once they figure out that throwing the ball side of it. Poor Chester Taylor. Finally got his chance last year to be the man…

Big game:

Hosting Green Bay week four. This may sound crazy but there is a chance that the Vikings can go into their bye week 4-0 if they win this game. That would be HUGE considering after the bye they have Chicago, Dallas, Philly, and San Diego making it look like 4-4 being the best scenario at the midway point.

Would be a big loss:

See the above…

Quick take:

I don’t care how many times the Lions have taken a first round WR…you don’t pass up on Calvin Johnson. Jon Kitna was fourth in the league in passing yards last season and now has another weapon. Another offseason under Mike Martz offense. If Kevin Jones could stay on the field they may get this ball rolling.

Big game:

At Green Bay week 17. The Lions are not going to accomplish much this season. They have a chance of going down in history as putting a damper on the end of Brett Favre’s career with a win in this game.

Would be a big loss:

Week one at Oakland. A high point for the Lions season would be starting 1-0 since that may be the only time they are over .500 for the season.

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