NFC West…Some might say a preview

This is one of a series we are doing on the NFL Divisions. The Predicted Division Finish was compiled by looking at the schedule week to week. I know some of them look outlandish but that is how the dice fell. Crazy, huh?

The Poll results are taken from polls at There is NO Offseason.

Previous entries:

NFC South

NFC East

Predicted Division Finish:
Rams 9-7
Seahawks 7-9
Cardinals 7-9
49’ers 7-9

TINO Poll results
Rams 40%
Seahawks 33%
49’ers 20%
Cardinals 6%

Member quote: (Missouri Mafia)

I’m surprised so many people picked the Rams……they have been
sub-par for a couple of years now. The Seahawks have dominated the
division for a few years now, and I can see why people can get excited
about SF or AZ with their young potential……but the Rams aren’t that
young and haven’t had a winning season since ’03. I’m not a Rams hater,
just surprised that people picked them. I expected people to take the
favorite or the "sexy" pick of young potential. I think STL has a
decent chance but think they will be 8-8 again, maybe 9-7 if their
special teams can step up this year with Dante Hall.

The rundown…

This is going to be a tough division to call this season. Opinions have changed since the division finish was determined a bit. The Rams should be better, maybe a little less for the Cards but we are sticking to it. Should be a good race down to week 17.

Quick take:

What’s not to like with the added hands of Drew Bennett and Randy McMichael? SJax is setting the bar high for himself. Bulger has a new contract and deservedly so. The questions lie in the D and run defense. In a division with Shaun Alexander, Frank Gore, and Edge James ( I know, but what if he rebounds?) run D is a good thing to have.

Big game:

Week 12 hosting Seattle. The two games before this are New Orleans and San Fran on the road. The playoffs could be shaping up a bit here and it may be must win time already.

Would be a big loss:

Week 8 hosting Cleveland. It’s the week before the bye and then the run against N.O., San Fran, and Seattle.

Quick take:

Seattle has found themselves as mortals in this division once again. Now that the other teams will not be easy marks they are showing that they have to work for the division title. The offense should run about the same but needs ot step up a little bit. The defense should be improved and needs to be as the O on the other teams seems to improve.

Big game:

Week seven hosting the Rams. The Seahawks have a killer schedule the first half of the season (barring week one against the Bucs) and this will be the third divisional game before the bye.

Would be a big loss:

Week one against the Bucs. It would hurt to go into a run against AZ, Cincy, San Fran, Pitt, N.O., and St. Louis with a start at 0-1.

Quick take:

So Denny Green has been sent out to pasture. Hopefully a new coaching staff can spark some life into a team that has been touted as “The surprise team” the last couple of seasons only to disappoint.

Big game:

Week one at San Fran on MNF. You have a divisional opponent on a big stage. 1-0 would be huge going into week two against Seattle.

Would be a big loss:

Week one for the same reasons mentioned above.

Quick take:

This is the year for Alex Smith. He has the weapons around him (if Darrell Jackson and Vernon Davis stay healthy) and excuses are minimal. You have a running game that some say is pretty damn good. The team has made strides on defense in free agency and the draft. This could be a corner turning year for the Niners.

Big game:

Week one against Arizona on MNF. The Niners start the season against AZ, St. Louis, Pitt, Seattle, and Baltimore before getting a bye week. A 1-0 start would be huge facing that schedule.

Would be a big loss:

Week seven against the Giants. The Niners record could be hurting after the first five games. They will be coming off a bye week and need this win.

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