NFC East…Some might say a preview

This is one of a series we are doing on the NFL Divisions. The Predicted Division Finish was compiled by looking at the schedule week to week. I know some of them look outlandish but that is how the dice fell. Crazy, huh?

The Poll results are taken from polls at There is NO Offseason.

Predicted Division Finish:
Eagles 10-6
Cowboys 9-7
Redskins 4-12
Giants 2-14

TINO Poll results

Dallas 57%
Eagles 35%
Giants 7%
Redskins 0%

Member quote: (TripleW64)

It’s gonna be Dallas.

Either Westy or McNabb will miss 6 or more games this season. NYG are
goona really miss Tiki and Eli is gonna feel the pressure this year and
not just from the opposing defense. Look for him to have a mid-season
melt-down. Washington has no D-Line and other than SMoss and CCooley,
their receivers stink. Their running game should be good, but that
passing game is really suspect.

Dallas wins it with a 11-5 record. Philly 9-7 NYG, Wash 8-8

The rundown…
Despite the predicted division finish we think this division could go either way with Dallas and Philly. Of course injuries are going to determine a lot. If Philly can stay healthy they can squeak by and take it. In the preseason Dallas doesn’t seem to be missing a beat and may even look better than last year. Two wins for the Giants looks crazy but that is the way it fell when going over the schedule.

Quick take:

We have the return of McNabb…again. With the drafting of Kevin Kolb some are wondering if it’s his last season with Philly. McNabb may be playing like he is playing for his job. I say may because wouldn’t it be fun to start speculating he goes home to Chicago again?
Big game:
Week 15 at Dallas could be huge. They may be battling for the division at this time and to take one from Dallas on their home field would do wonders for the situation.

Would be a big loss:

A week two loss to Washington at home would be devastating. Not only should they win this game but would be a mental setback to drop this one at home so early.

Quick take:

You just never know when a new coach comes in. You hear a lot of praise from the players for Phillips and no complaints. An interesting situation to watch unfold is just who comes out as the top RB. Marion Barber looked excellent last season in his goal line/3rd down/whenever he was in situation. Julius Jones is playing for that contract or showcasing for possible interested teams.

Big game:

Establishing themselves early would be big for Big D. Sunday Night in week one hosting the Giants would be a great start in showing they are a force to be reckoned with and but the ghost of Bill Parcells behind them…until their first loss.

Would be a big loss:

That same game against the Giants. Dropping this game to the Giants at home in week one to the should be also ran New York Giants is an obstacle not needed.

Quick take:

Remember when the Redskins would be the talk of the offseason? Those days seem to be gone. No real big moves this season they apparently want to work with what they have. Jason Campbell gets the shot to be the man for now and the future. How many years does joe Gibbs have left in him?
Big game:
Week 15 on Sunday Night against the Giants. Great rivalry and the game can determine who has to be viewed at the bottom of the divisional standings until 2008 kicks off.

Would be a big loss:

Week five hosting the Lions. They will be fresh off a bye week and could mean being over or under .500 going into week six.

Quick take:

Tiki Barber just isn’t going to go away is he? He and Eli Manning have been discussing what makes and doesn’t make a team leader in the media. It’s nice to see Manning speak and show that he isn’t just an expressionless robot. The two wins is not likely to happen as said in the predictions but we don’t look for much more to happen for them.

Big game:
Week one at Dallas on Sunday Night Football. great divisional rivalry game and would be a great way to start off the season. Not only would it be a big boost for their confidence, it would make Dallas questions themselves for a few minutes.

Would be a big loss:

Week 15 hosting the Skins. As mentioned above int he Skins section, this could determine who sits at the bottom of the NFC East standings until 2008 kickoff.

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