NFC South…some might say a preview

This is one of a series we are doing on the NFL Divisions. The Predicted Division Finish was compiled by looking at the schedule week to week. I know some of them look outlandish but that is how the dice fell. Crazy, huh?

The Poll results are taken from polls at There is NO Offseason.

Predicted Division Finish:

Saints 10-6
Panthers 10-6
Bucs 3-13
Falcons 2-14

TINO Poll results
Saints 71%
Falcons 14%
Panthers 7%
Bucs 7%

Member quote: (MCB)

I am a huge Bucs fan but still see the Saints taking the division. The Bucs are still in a rebuilding mode as far as I am concerned. Looking at their schedule a 9-7 year would be outstanding in my opinion. I see us going 6-10 or 7-9.

The rundown…

It’s the Saints division to lose. WOW! Have we ever heard that said? That is what is all over the place this season in the previews. Crazy stuff. We feel that the Panthers will give the Saints a run. If they do it will be on the back of their defense. The Bucs and Falcons will struggle for “also ran” status.

Quick take:

The Saints appear to be picking up where they left off on offense. In fact, you could say they are a step ahead the way Drew Brees has been playing int he preseason. I know, I know, it’s only the preseason but this guy is on fire already.

The Defense overachieved last season and have a powerful weapon that recent Saints D’s have not had. Confidence. They were told that they should suck but they went out and played anyway, sometimes way beyond the level expected. But then there are the other weeks…Consistency is going to be key. Stopping the run is a must this season.

Big game:

Right out of the gate, the Colts. If the Saints can win this game they will have beaten the defending Super Bowl Champions and lower the confidence of up coming teams a notch.

Would be a big loss:

Week 7 against the Falcons. The Falcons should have struggled to get a win up to this point and a loss in New Orleans against these guys would set them back…and set off Joe Horn’s mouth.
Quick take:

The Panthers were picked by many to win the Super Bowl last season. David Carr was added to give Jake Delhomme a kick in the ass and possibly to take the job. DeShaun Foster’s lack of ability to stay off the trainers table has made him the most underrated starting RB in the league.

Dan Morgan has to stay healthy for this Defense to be consistent and regain it’s listing as one of the scariest in the league.

Big game:

Week Five at New Orleans. this will be a key game if they want any chance of stealing this division from the Saints.

Would be a big loss:

Week 10 at home against the Falcons. This late in the season it would be a mess to drop a game to a team that will be lucky to pull off more than four wins.
Quick take:

They say Jon Gruden loves QB’s. They went on a shopping spree at the end of the 2006 season trying to make sure this position was stacked. Jake Plummer would rather retire than join the Bucs. Whattya think of that? Gruden has little hearts floating above his head with Jeff Garcia’s picture in them. Will Caddy bounce back?

The D is getting Oooooolllldd. We may be seeing the start of a change with that as they gave Simeon Rice the boot after drafting Gaines Adams high in the 2007 NFL Draft.

Big game:

Week 13 at New Orleans would be a huge game for this team. They will be hurting by this time and getting on a roll at the end of the season is about all they can hope for to get a start on 2008.

Would be a big loss:

Losing the season finale to Carolina at home. As mentioned above, the Bucs need to finish strong to get set for 2008. Losing this game will hurt more than most would realize.

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Quick take:

What a difference a year can make, huh? You have a new coach. You trade away what many people thought should have been your QB of the future. Michael Vick has some kind of trouble with the law and won’t be able to play. Fan favorite DJ Shockley gets sent to the IR for the season. Joey Harrington is your starting QB. How pissed off do you think Joe Horn really is for getting into this mess?

Big game:

Week one at Minnesota would be a huge win. Wins are going to be hard to come by for this team this season and confidence would work wonders. Starting the season out with a win would help…a little.

Would be a big loss:

We’ll go with week one again. Who knows when another chance to win will come?

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7 Responses to “NFC South…some might say a preview”

  1. OMAR Says:

    Wow. Atlanta with only 2 wins?
    A bit of an overreaction there.
    lol I used the same pic (I think I stole it from you originally) for my Panthers preview.

    I like Atlanta’s coaching staff, and unless something drastic has changed from last year, they still have one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL and a decent defense. They should be closer to .500 ball than .125 ball.

    People think Harrington is the kiss of death, but he was on some crappy teams in Detroit and a crappy team in Miami. He should be fine, and so should Atlanta. Also Joe Horn gives Atlanta a game changer at WR, something they’ve been lacking. In fact, the passing game for Atlanta should be much inproved over the Vick led mess we’ve seen for years.

  2. Tino Says:

    You know actually I don’t agree with it after looking at the results but I stuck with what I originally had. I went through the week by week schedule and picked winners for each game. Doing this your not taking into account what a teams over all schedule is. For example I’m not looking at week 8 and thinking, “Hey they only have one win so far.” Wait till you see what the Broncos ended up being…lol.

    I actually don’t think Harrington is going to be bad but he sure was not the plan. I’m pulling for him actually.

  3. everythingscomingupmilhouse Says:

    i dont think the falcons will be very good either. new coach and a new quarterback on a pretty mediocre team is never a good combination. take in to consideration its a not-so-good quarterback a first time nfl head coach i think thats a recipe for disaster. my preview only had them with 4 wins

  4. tsos20 Says:

    I think you are very close. My guess would be 11 or 12 wins for New Orleans and Maybe a win or 2 more for Atlanta and Tampa Bay.
    The Sultan on Sports

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