A Sigh Heard Around the Fantasy World

Nobody really thought that Larry Johnson would sit out the 2007 football season. But you know that there were a lot of fantasy owners that took Johnson that were likely checking on the status of this holdout several times a day. Johnson fell to number four in many drafts (#6 in one draft I was in) and those owners have to be doing cartwheels today as Johnson’s holdout has ended.

The Kansas City Star said Johnson was at practice Tuesday afternoon, after agreeing to a five-year contract extension that will take him through the 2012 season. The paper said the new deal will pay the 2003 first-round pick $45 million over the next six years.

There was also a sigh of “Bummer” from all the guys that drafted Priest Holmes thinking they were getting the steal of the draft.

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One Response to “A Sigh Heard Around the Fantasy World”

  1. tjifantasysports Says:

    Sure seems like any team that drafted him is now set to dominate their league in a way never seen before in all of fantasy sports. We sure wish we had snagged him with the number 3 pick…oh, wait we did! BRILLIANT!

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