NFL Jabber 8/18/07

tspbabe_pats1.jpg With the Patriots WR corps so stacked, it’s crazy to think that Donte Stallworth could be cut. There are only so many spots to be filled and the bottom line is that those that produce in the preseason will be the ones that stay. Although Stallworth will get some slack for being injured, every game and snap counts in this race. Two tom Brady INT’s thrown in Friday’s game against the Titans were meant for Stallworth.

“I slipped on the first one and the second one Tom threw the ball where I was supposed to be and I wasn’t exactly where I was supposed to be,” Stallworth said. “There are no excuses. It’s just something where I have to learn the way Tom plays and understand the way this offense is supposed to be run.

“I’ve been practicing for a week now. It was good to get some of the rust off, but at the same time, as the days go on you want to start making fewer and fewer mistakes. And hopefully by the time you need to get things rolling, it’s rolling pretty well.” A worry in Miami has been what is going to become of the D once some of it’s aging members are put out to pasture soon. So far the starting Fins D held Jacksonville and KC scoreless in about two quarters…gaining three sacks. Why is this news?

From the Miami Herald

And all this without a complete game plan, without using any of the fanciful blitzes defensive coordinator Dom Capers has at his disposal, and most notably, without Taylor, Zach Thomas, Keith Traylor, André Goodman or Joey Porter playing one snap. The Vikings D isn’t looking too shabby either. In a preseason game that actually looks like a football score, the Vikings D scored three TD’s in a 37-20 win over the Jets.

“They are pressuring good, and I think along with that they are disguising well and holding things until the very last second,” coach Brad Childress said of the defense. “I know on [Greenway’s touchdown] they did a great job of showing a Cover-2 look and kind of rolling out of it. I think it confused Pennington.” Donovan McNabb has started his comeback against the Panthers last night. McNabb went 6 for 9 gaining 138 yards in the air. Some think he has lost a step but that would still make him a few steps ahead of most NFL QB’s.

“I have a long way to go, but the exciting part is just what we can do,” McNabb said.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Arthur Blank is not happy about being lied to. It’s looking more and more like no matter how Michael Vick’s situation comes out that Vick will not be a Falcon in the end.

“What’s suggested in those statements of fact don’t match up with what the league was told, even our organization, and certainly not what was said to the commissioner,” Blank said. Apparently Al Davis recognizes the fact that it’s quite an accomplishment to stay alive behind the Raiders O-Line.

“That poor Andrew Walter last year got hit so many times, I don’t think he knew where they were coming from,” Davis said.

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2 Responses to “NFL Jabber 8/18/07”

  1. Marquis Chapman Says:

    The Dolphins defiantely need some youth on the defensive side, and I was also glad to see McNabb play well. I just hope he can stay healthy.

  2. emmettjones Says:

    I have to say, that All Davis quote? that’s pretty hilarious. It also proves that he’s not totally senile, which I for one, was not sure about.

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