Is there a QB Competition to care about in 07′?


One the biggest, easiest, news stories each season is the QB controversy. Who will lead the team to glory? 2007 seems to have the media stuck in a form of routine as the QB still catches the headlines. Of course, each team has it’s fan base that is interested but it is a pretty slow year for the QB battles which makes me ask, is there one to really care about?

One of the biggest QB headline grabbers this offseason that did not involve dogs being killed was Trent Green to Miami, Culpepper to be out the door. What’s going on with this? Possibly making a story where there isn’t one, the media is wondering if Cleo Lemon may be the man in Miami. Huh? The Dolphins have the best chance to do anything this season out of the teams with a QB question but this is a reach if they want to do anything.

As they wait for JaMarcus Russell in Oakland, Daunte Culpepper has landed in a vicious battle with…Andrew Walter and Josh McCown. Culpepper is single handedly making this a competition by fumbling on 2 or his first three plays last weekend. Russell is going to roll off the couch one day and be starting for this team.

Who will play the first few games for Cleveland before Brady Quinn is given the ball prematurely? Derek Anderson is the talk of the day.

Is it Brody Croyle or Damon Huard in Kansas City? Doesn’t matter the real headstone of the offense is holding out.

The Vikings made their mind up that Tavaris Jackson was their guy this season by lack of moves in the offseason but there are some that are not content with that and want you to believe that Brooks Bollinger is the guy to get them the NFC Crown. What?

Tampa Bay had the best chance for a story early on the offseason for the also rans. Now they have to pray that nothing happens to Jeff Garcia as Chris Simms may not make the team and Jake Plummer is out living a life that most of us wish we could at his age.

The media reeeeeeaaaaaly wants there to be more of a story in Philly with Kevin Kolb being drafted.

Then there are teams you wonder why there isn’t more news. Teams that actually have a chance to compete this season.

Why the hell is Rex Grossman getting a pardon?

David Carr could vary well be the QB of the future in Carolina but they seem to be still kissing Jake D’s ass.

Joey Harrington becomes the default QB in Atlanta. This one could have made for a good story had Georgia boy D.J. Shockley been given a chance.

Jacksonville does not seem to have much of a plan past the 2007 season at QB. A battle for the number two that could be the heir apparent to Byron Leftwich and be looming on the sidelines ready to swoop in and take the job now would be fun. Forgot Tim Couch is there now…

A similar battle for #2 would be fun in Green Bay.  Aaron Rodgers appears to be playing well so there goes that for now.

Eli Manning is always in the news with the threat that this is the season he better do something or else. Or else what? Anthony Wright is going to come in?

Hopefully for the sake of fun some of these latter battles in the making will come about this season. The upside is we are less than a month away from kickoff.

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