Let’s look at some Preseason games!

Looking at these scores it looks like an exciting weekend for NFL football…then we remember it’s August.

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Bears down the Texans 20-19

Cedric Benson is officially “The Man” in Chicago. He gained 23 yards on five carries in the Bear’s preseason victory over the Texans.

”It feels good,” Benson said. ”It’s good for me because I wanted to get a feel for what I needed to work on, or if I was running high or if I needed to get lower. I thought today was pretty good, but it won’t stop there. We are going to work on improving some things and try and get those first downs and big plays to put points on the board.”

This is as good a time as any to use TINO’s resident Bears fan Gregster’s pic of Benson from Bears camp.

Ced Benson

My little hometown’s hero, Sage Rosenfells did what he does best, come in off the bench and throw TD’s. He hit Jeb Putzier for the one Texans touchdown.

“When you have someone come off the bench and pick up the slack the way Sage did, that’s what you’re looking for,” said running back Ahman Green, who started and played the first quarter. “Whether it’s quarterback, running back, wide receiver or the guys on the offensive line, when the next guy comes in, there’s no dropoff.”

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Raiders top Cards 27-23

The old Daunte Culpepper is back! No, not the good one. Culpepper fumbled on two of his first three plays. Meanwhile, Josh McCown and Andrew Walter throw TD’s.


Panthers bite the Giants 24-21

David Carr throws a TD with seven seconds left in the first half. Not a bad start for Carolina’s future starting QB.
Miami over Jax 18-17

John Beck led an 11-play, 69-yard TD drive in his debut with the Dolphins.

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Pack over Steelers 13-9

This is your future Green Bay fans! Aaron Rodgers, Brandon Jackson, and James Jones look good in this win.

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Redskins 14-6 over Titans

Joe Gibbs sums this one up well.

“Obviously, we’re going to have to play a lot better than that,” Gibbs said.

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Browns 16 to the Chiefs 12

Neither of the QB’s looking to keep Brady Quinn on the bench did much to write about. Whadaya say Coach?

“I think it’s a little early to make a rash judgment,” coach Romeo Crennel said. “We’ll look at the film and make our evaluation and go from there.”

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