Blogger Fantasy Football..yeah baby!

Whew…I’m finished with a couple slow drafts and auctions. A little fantasy down time has set in. Next on the calendar is a league thrown together consisting of the bloggers that participated in the Hazean Blogger Mock Draft.

Here are a rundown of the owners…

Me. You are here.

The Hazean

MWC Football

Fantasy Football Goats


This Just In

Fantasy Football Librarian

The NFL Minute

Curveballs for Jesus

Signal to Noise

Could be you…we need a 12th blogger for next weekends draft. Leave a comment if interested.

I’m really looking forward to this league for the fact that everyone obviously spends way to much time thinking and talking about football. If only it could be a draft with us all sitting in the same room…

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8 Responses to “Blogger Fantasy Football..yeah baby!”

  1. Tom Says:

    A draft in the same room would be pretty sweet, but I’m really looking forward to it either way. Like you said, most of us are geeks for football, so it will be interesting how everything plays out.

  2. TJI Says:

    Here’s a link for me. Thanks a lot.

  3. Sally Says:

    I’ll be blogging shortly for CHALQ, a new fantasy sports site. Can I fill that last spot?

    A few facts about me:
    * Fantasy player for 3 years
    * Won first league ever
    * Big fan of “Moneyball” methods – play by the stats
    * Sex = Girl

  4. Tino Says:

    Sally, I don’t remember the login details. Get with The Hazean and he should hook you up. Just post a comment to him

  5. tsos20 Says:

    I will be posting on fantasy football next week. Leave me a comment or a question and I will respond.
    The Sultan on Sports

  6. Newspaper Hack Says:

    Awesome. I’m actually doing my own league of bloggers (those of the Alabama persuasion). I have a feeling multiple niche groups are doing the same.

  7. Scott Says:

    If there is still room in the league I’d be interested in joining.

  8. Tino Says:

    OK, I have the league ID and password now. I’m not however just going to post that. I have went to both Sally and Scott’s sites to look for an email but have not found one.

    Which ever one of you guys emails me at I will set you up!

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