NFL Jabber 8/8/07

TSPbabe_skins1 I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I want to watch a Detroit Lions preseason football game! There I said it. Mike Martz says Calvin Johnson is going to get a lot of work…and that he has a frog butt?

“We’re going to see him a lot in this game,” offensive coordinator Mike Martz said. “We’re going to see him a lot in the preseason. He’s gotta learn how to play.

We’re going to wear his little froggy rear end out. Priest Holmes is friggen awesome! We know he is as a player but check this out, cracks me up…

“Somebody has to get the money,” he said. “Hey, if L.J. wants to leave the money out there, guess I’m going to take it. If he wants to come get it, it’s rightfully his to take. He’s earned it. But if he chooses not to come back, well, somebody has to take it. Why won’t it be me?” So Brady Quinn is signed and in. He has “no doubt” he will start at some point this season (which I’m sure all the guys that have bee supporting the QB’s that have been in camp will love to hear).

Apparently Brady was pretty torn up about not being able to go to work without a contract. I know I can’t walk into a a place and go to work without actually getting the job first…although I do have pictures of me chopping onions in the kitchen of Margarittaville in Puerto Penasco, Mexico…I don’t remember what kind of deals we worked out in a contract, if any, before hand though.

“It’s awful,” he said. “You grow up loving the game that you’ve played and all of a sudden you’re told you can’t come in unless you sign a contract. To sit out from playing the game that you love for that long is horrible.

“It’s nice just to be an official member of the Browns.”

Scott Fujita is doing his part in skimming down the Saints crowded LB squad. Scotty is on crutches after a trip to the water park. Matt Loede over at NFL GridIron Gab says the Raiders have NO idea who is going to be starting QB against the Cards Saturday night. Not that is really matters being the preseason but you want to give the appearance at least that you know what the hell your going to do with your team this season. Matt says they listed Daunte Culpepper, Josh McCown, and Andrew Walter next to each other on the depth chart released on Tuesday. Everyone make sure to get your dog the African American, left handed, #7 on his shirt, football holding, chew toy that may or may not be in the likeness of someone we have read about recently. One first round pick who has been signed for quite a while is ready to get his football on. Greg Olsen is pumped about his first time taking an NFL field against the Texans.

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One Response to “NFL Jabber 8/8/07”

  1. OMAR Says:

    Can’t believe I wasn’t the first to market with the Vick chew toy. Doh!

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