NFL Jabber 8/7/07 In what we think is a very cool move, the 49’ers will be wearing throwback jerseys in honor of Bill Walsh when they face off against the Cards in the season opener.

Elsewhere with the Niners, TE Vernon Davis is apparently a hot head who isn’t going to take crap from anyone on the field. That can be good until flags start flying. Coach Nolan is drawing a line for him…often.

“It means a lot to Vernon to make plays and be a good player. I don’t want to take that away from him,” Nolan said. “At the same time, I am always talking to him saying this is (going) too far, this isn’t.”

Apparently Davis got into a scuffle with Guard Larry Allen. I can see if it was a defender but what are you fighting about on the same side of the ball? Something a lot of people may not remember is that Jon Kitna was the mentor to Carson Palmer when he came in to the league.

“I learned a lot. Not about playing quarterback, but about being a pro on and off the field, studying, preparing, everything; he showed me everything,” Palmer said of Kitna.

“He showed me everything. I didn’t know anything coming into this league. I owe him a lot.” All those people that are making the trip to Chiefs camp to watch Priest Holmes stretch can now watch him stretch dressed up like a football player. The best backup QB to make a big catch in the Super Bowl, Seneca Wallace is growing as a passer.

“Seneca is now using his gifts to hurt you, both ways,” said cornerback Marcus Trufant, who has been an eyewitness to Wallace’s tribulations and now triumphs.

“He can hurt you with the deep ball, he’s got a sweet deep ball,” Trufant said. “But at the same time, he can run out of the pocket and get the first down any time he wants.” Yep, Mike Williams is still playing football…and still battling his weight. The Browns QB issues go way beyond getting Brady Quinn into camp. Coach Crennel has to choose between Charlie Fry and Derek Anderson…soon.

“Generally in competition somebody steps ahead of the other guy,” Crennel told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “But it’s not always the case. These guys are competing to win the job. Both of them operate the team. I think the team has confidence in both guys. We’ll go into the preseason and see if somebody elevates a little. If not, then I’ll decide who the guy’s going to be.”

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