Spurrior pissed at SC

After South Carolina denied admission to two SC recruits, Steve Spurrior has said that he may have to go somewhere else if that is how the show is going to be run.

“As long as I’m the coach here, we’re going to take guys that qualify,” Spurrier said. “If not, then I have to go somewhere else because I can’t tell a young man, ‘You’re coming to school here,’ he qualifies, and not do that. And we did that this year.”

“I’ve got to apologize to two young men that we recruited. They qualified. They signed with us in February. They were denied admission to our school,” Spurrier said. “Personally, I don’t think that’s the way you do business. I’m embarrassed that I and our coaches basically misled these young men into believing they were coming here.”

Some rumors have been that the Gamecocks recruited too many players but Spurrior denies this saying they had a plan to fit all players in.

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