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There is NO Offseason


The Hall of Fame Game is here! That means the season is upon us. With that I wanted to throw a post out there as to what is going on at There is NO Offseason!

***The NFL and NCAA forums are coming alive. Currently there are polls on who will win each NFL division and NCAA Conferences going up daily. If you have not voted please do so. Leave some debate as well. I intend on using the results in a post for TINO Sports Page.

***The TINO NFL and NCAA Pick’em Games are open for registration. signing up has proven to be tricky for some people so if you have any questions post them in the Pick’em forum.

The Pick’em games are free to ALL members. The 1000 TINO points are only needed if you want to be eligible to win the t-shirt game. For more info on winning your teams T-Shirt check out the Pick’em Forum.

***There are easy ways to get the 1000 points to be eligible for the t-shirt game. The Word Association thread is a quick way of racking up points with one word. Gregster recently started a 3 word response game that works on the same basis. Setting a new High Score in the Arcade or betting in the bookie work as well.

In order to give people a way to gain a quick 500 points, I’ll give 500 points for referring a new member. Have the new member PM The Myth upon registration. Once they have made 10 posts, I will give you 500 points. That is 1/2 the T-Shirt entry right there!

***The TINO Babe Tourny II has moved into the second round! If you have not been voting your missing out! Help vote the next Babe in to the TINO Babe HOF!

NOTE-The Waitress Forum posts will no longer appear on the “Recent Posts” on the main TINO Page. This forum has been set to Members Only for viewing.

***TINO the Bookie has tons of preseason games listed! Betting on the games is an easy way to rack those points up! We have also been adding Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, CFL, and Baseball!

***Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the country. ESPN, CBSSportsline, and Yahoo are jumping on board making it easier for the casual fan to get info. TINO has an MMA forum and we are looking at starting a MMA Fantasy Pick’em in August.

***Remember we have an Arcade and Trivia!

***TINO Fantasy Football has grown to five leagues hosted at MFL.com. Thanks to Kelloggs and Footballjoe for shelling out the cash to have the TINO IDP league hosted there!

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