NFL Jabber 8/2/07 Vince Young is living up to his Wonderlic scores by punching a teammate in the helmet with his throwing hand. Despite the throwing hand thing, the leader of the team should not likely be throwing punches. The upside to it was that he was sticking up for his WR’s.

“My preference is not to see my quarterback throwing punches with his throwing hand,” Coach Jeff Fisher said with a slight smile. Dante Culpepper has arrived in Raiders camp. He got some reps but spent more time in the classroom trying to catch up on the offense. This really is a good situation for the Raiders. If Culpepper doesn’t work out he should still serve the purpose of running the offense until Russell is signed and ready to go.

“Lane made the final decision, but I wanted it to happen,” Raiders managing general partner Al Davis said. “I like to take chances like that. I don’t know what the risk is. I don’t see any real risk.” For now, Luke McCown has passed up Bruce Gradkowski and the ailing Chris Simms on the QB depth chart. Since the Bucs backup QB’s get so much action during the season this is news.

“He’s earned the reps (number of plays in practice),” Gruden said. “I’m giving reps to guys who’ve earned them, guys who are getting it done.” The Chiefs are running out of time to figure out who the teams QB is going to be. Brad Childress thinks the West Coast Offense is a good match for WR Bobby Wade with it’s flexibility. Does this mean it suits him because there is some give in the route running?

“He is still learning the things that he is able to do in this system because there is a lot of flexibility,” Childress said in commented about the development of Wade. “I mentioned it before – that line in the playbook has some adaptability to it, and he has got enough personality along that line in the playbook where he has some freedom. He knows the lines; he is learning some of the freedoms that are involved and how he is able to wiggle open and what the quarterback expects to see, what he absolutely can’t do and the quarterback doesn’t expect to see, so he is playing well, but he is kind of growing within the system here.” This is going to be the year for Jason Campbell in Washington. They will know what they have and know if they need to be addressing the position again next year. According to Al Saunders, as of now it appears things are moving along well.

“From a technique standpoint, Jason has improved dramatically–his command in the huddle, his voice inflexion, his enunciation of the plays and his direction to the other players has taken a step in the right direction.

“His decision-making is better, but he has a lot going on in his mind right now.”

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