NFL Jabber 8/1/07 I know it’s how you take it in print but by reading this line I don’t know if all the Panthers staff are on the same page…

“I think everybody does a combination of man, zone and gap blocking and some lead blocking,” said new offensive line coach Dave Magazu. “I think it’s just, what are you going to major in? And we’re going to lean a little bit more on the zone stuff.” Andrew Walter was the only QB on the Raiders roster at one point this offseason. Now you have Walter, Josh McCown, Dante Culpepper, and someday JaMarcus Russell.

Dante Culpepper has a one year deal with the Raiders. Hopefully it does more for his resume than it did for Aaron Brooks.

“He’ll be part of the competition to be the starting quarterback,” coach Lane Kiffin said of Culpepper. “We’ll give him the opportunity and see if he can take it and if he can’t, he’ll be a backup. “He said he’s not worried about competition. He said he’s going to be the starter.” On the opposite end, the Bucs had too many QB’s on paper at one time. Now with that Plummer guy deciding to walk the plank rather than be a Buc and Chris Simms injury status they could have some problems if age catches up with Jeff Garcia. Camp is underway for Cleveland and the fans are starting to think enough is enough with Brady Quinn not being there. I hear don TV yesterday that the hold-up is if Brady becomes starter he wants to be sure he is being paid enough for the job a few years down the road. Courtney Roby made such a great catch behind the defenders back in practice that it is all over the news wire. Pictures HERE.

“There are different types of catches and that one was certainly unique,” Coach Jeff Fisher said. “I’ve had several people ask if it was in fact a catch and … he had it.”

Saints DE Charles grant is looking for some respect this year and thinks they need to act like they deserve it…but he also said they have to be humble. Huh?

“We’ve got to be cocky,” Grant said. “Last year we were alright. I think we’ve got to be really cocky. We’ve got to let the world know that we ain’t no push around.

“When you play the Saints defense, you’re coming to play. It’s you got to give the knockout or you’re going to be knocked out. You’ve got to see an arrogance about this defense. The world will be scared of us.” Willis McGahee was leveled by over enthusiastic rookie Prescott Burgess during “no contact” drills. McGahee took it as a positive sign…

“These guys know how to win. I found that out the first day I ran the ball; my first carry was a fumble,” McGahee said Tuesday, the second day of camp. “It doesn’t get any better than that. I’m going to have to get my hardhat on and get ready to play.”

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