Screw NFL Network! I’m watching MMA Sunday

The Hall of Fame Game is creeping up on being 50 years-old. The game that is grouped with the annual HOF inductions and is the kickoff to the meaningless, yet much awaited pre-season of the NFL lands next weekend.

Being a HUGE Saints fan and Steeler Hater (Not really, just a lot of family and friends that are Steeler fans so I have to smack) I have been looking forward to the game at Fawcett Stadium since it was announced. I couldn’t wait to see my Saints for the first time since the season they had gone a game away from the Super Bowl. Couldn’t wait to be lighting up the phone talking smack to my cousin and childhood friends that have been lifelong Steeler fans. A meaningless game but it means so much knowing that football is being played.

But I won’t be watching the game. I’m being reminded just how much the NFL pisses me off. I’m not a big fan of the NFL Network for the simple reason that I don’t have it. It’s not available in my area other than on Direct TV. I cannot get Direct TV in the building I live in (Before an attempt at a clever comment of telling me to move, save it, it’s not clever). I would love to have the NFL Network. I would love to see the eight regular season games that only those in the club will see. I would love to sit through that advertising. I didn’t feel alone last season listening to guys that work on NFL Radio complaining that they could not get NFL Network where they live either…but I’m still pissed.

So I need alternate viewing. There actually is something on that I have also been looking forward to. Sunday night I will be watching the WEC Live on Versus. World Extreme Cagefighting is being made into the UFC’s little brother (both are owned by Zuffa). The Versus Network has been pimping WEC pretty hard in it’s attempt to become a legit sports network, jumping on the fast moving bandwagon of Mixed Martial Arts.

Network to Televise Fights Starting in Summer 2007
The World Extreme Cagefighting brand is recognized as one of the best mixed martial arts organizations in the United States in its category and is owned by the premier organization in the sport. Founded in 2001, the WEC features many of the most prominent athletes in the sport of mixed martial arts today, including Urijah Faber, Rob McCullough, Alex Karalexis, Richard Crunkilton, and John Alessio. The WEC organization has produced 24 professional mixed martial arts events with an impressive 22 total sell-outs.

WEC WrekCage is 60 minutes of action packed cagefighting featuring the best fighters from World Extreme Cagefighting. Each episode contains the excitement of WEC events, revealing the raw toughness and intensity of the fighters.

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Sunday August 5th at 9 pm ET on Versus there will be two title fights. You can check out the card HERE.

So if you don’t have the NFL Network and would like to watch something on basic cable, check out these fights.

ps…Screw you NFL Network!

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5 Responses to “Screw NFL Network! I’m watching MMA Sunday”

  1. Says:

    Now we’re talking! Forget about NFL – Let’s watch the IFL (or WEC, UFC)!!

  2. Tony Says:

    I have to watch the Hall of Fame game though. Wouldn’t feel right not to watch it. I’m going to check out WEC live on versus and DVR the football game.

  3. Tino Says:

    Your one of THOSE people with NFL Network, huh Tony…lol? I don’t blame you.

  4. tsos20 Says:

    NFL Network is the NFL feeling it’s oats. The more we are willing to pay for, the more stuff they will charge for. Eventually we may get 1 free game on Sunday, the rest will be at a premium.
    The Sultan on Sports

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