NFL Jabber 7/30/07 All the talk in the offseason has been about DeAngelo Williams and how he will excel in the new zone blocking scheme. There is reason to believe that the current starting RB, DeShaun Foster may not do too bad himself with it. Matt Leinart had an interview in the paper about football…no, really.

“I know the expectations are high and stuff,” he said Sunday after the Cardinals’ first practice of training camp, “but I just control what I do. I’m not worried about what other people are going to say to me. I’m worried about helping this football team. That’s my job.” Eric Mangini is learning what it’s like to have a first round holdout in Darrelle Revis.

“Every day is critical for people to be here,” Eric Mangini said yesterday of the impact of Revis’ absence. “Every day, we’re putting things in, installing news defenses, working on situational defense. There’s a lot of really good teaching, very important teaching, going on.

“The good thing is that the players who are here get extra reps.” With the drafting of Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb can look forward to a training camp full of questions regarding his future.

“I want to retire as a Philadelphia Eagle,” McNabb said in a phone interview. “I enjoy my career in Philadelphia and look forward to many years to come.” “Homeboy” Quinn isn’t hanging out in Ohio waiting for the call when he can go to camp. He is sunning it up in AZ. In good, obedient draft pick news, Adrian Peterson is signed and ready to go. Jason Campbell is going to attempt to be the first Skins QB to start and finish the season as the staring QB since 1999. Tim Couch has signed with Jacksonville…thats all I have for that. A bunch of people showed up at Chiefs practice to watch Priest Holmes stretch. The High Priest has returned for now, if for nothing else to provide speculation with LJ. Like Martin Luther King, Priest had a dream…

Asked what prompted his return, Holmes said: “I had a dream. I saw myself playing football, and I went to my children and asked them if they could see me playing football again. The word that came out of their mouths was ‘Yes.’ That’s why I’m here.”

Holmes said his dream occurred about six days ago. He hasn’t played since suffering a neck injury against San Diego in 2005.

“After the dream comes the self-doubt,” said Holmes, who will be 34 in October. “You think, ‘You’re too old. You can’t do this. You’ve been off 22 months. The athletes keep getting bigger, stronger and faster out of college, so why would you want to return?’

“But I will tell you that when you have a vision and a purpose in mind, anything can be accomplished.”

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