NFL Jabber 7/28/07 I was just thinking yesterday that we could see randy Moss play his most committed football season in years being on a legit contender. The Pats have 12 WR’s that are going to be fighting for 5-6 spots. Chad Jackson is already fighting for a roster spot.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Companies are pulling Vick merch left and right. Even the NFL Shop is taking his stuff of the website.

“Donruss, one of four major trading card companies, has decided to pull Vick’s card from any future 2007 releases, according to Beckett Media, which covers the collectibles industry.”

What this tells me is that there are going to be a flood of Michael Vick Ebay items. If he comes out of this unscathed and resurrects his career, those Don Russ cards that did make it to the public are going to become little cash pots tot he Ebay card sellers. Tavaris Jackson get his own era in Minnesota and it starts now. Here we have the canned confidence quote from a WR.

“Just the balls he throws, veteran players that I’ve played with haven’t been able to throw that far,” said receiver Bobby Wade. LB Jamar Williams says he doesn’t mind stepping aside for Lance Briggs…yeah, whatever. Vince Young left love notes int he locker of every Titan, thanking them for last season and encouraging them for 2007.

“It was a good way, without getting up in front of the team and taking that forum, of getting in everybody’s head and just giving them that word of encouragement,” veteran defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch said. “I think it meant a lot.”

Remember all the fat jokes and injury worries for rookie WR Robert Meachem? Time to get past that for now.

“They wanted me to come to training camp at 210, I came in at 208,” he said. “I did everything in my power to get back down and try to get into the best shape I could.” Jim Kelly, (remember him?) is a part of the “Losman better get his ass in gear” school of thought.

“This year is going to be a big year for him. I think it’s going to define whether he’s going to be here or not,” Kelly said during his visit to practice Friday morning. “He’s had a couple of years that he did all right and came on at the end of last year. But this is his year to show whether he’s going to be the quarterback of the future or a guy that’s just going to be here and is going to move on to another team next year. He realizes that, not just from the standpoint of being a leader on this football team but his contract. I hope he does well. “He’s a good kid and he works hard.”

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