Perfect Timing for College Football Live!

So I got a chance to catch the new College Football Live on ESPN last night. For those not in the know, this is ESPN’s College Football answer to NFL Live, new for 2007.

On the College Football page of ESPN you can submit video and email questions. The show airs on ESPN, Mon.-Fri., 3:30 ET.

I call it perfect timing for a few reasons. First of all, I love the women pictured above. What says college football better than a couple hot Co-ed hardbodies ripping their schools shirt to bare cleavage? NOTHING!

Other than being a good excuse to post the above picture, it’s perfect timing because if others are along with me, people are getting sick of the talk in the NFL right now. NFL Live has become the Court TV of Sports. I

It’s perfect timing because it is late July and people are really getting pumped for the football season and will devour anything put in front of them. This is good because actually watching the show it can take a little bit for them to work out some kinks.

The Trey Wingo of the show, Rece Davis, is a bit long winded when trying to get to a punchline. The guys really appear to have an “Ok, we are here, now what?” thing going on. They have not learned to take turns when talking yet and can be a little hard to follow. At one point at the end of the show I swear three of the four were talking at the same time.

Topics now include Playoffs vs. BCS, of course. Heisman candidates. Who can be this year’s Boise State…

The show will really write itself once the season gets going. With all the schools they can pull a story from they shouldn’t have any trouble with material. One trap I can see them falling into is only giving considerable airtime discussion to a handful of schools. The viewer will get tired of that.

If done correctly this show can be a great tool for drawing the average football fan into the college game. One complaint of Joe Footballfan is that there are just too many teams to follow or there are only a few really good teams. If they can help enlighten the casual fan with a good balance of parity and ripped shirts showing cleavage (ok, that one is for me) this show can score big for College football on free TV.

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