Aaron Brooks Top Story!

Well, not really. I’m so convinced that Aaron Brooks is not headline worthy right now that I found it odd that I seen his name in headlines TWICE in one day.

Michael David Smith of The Fanhouse discussed the possibility of Aaron Brooks taking his cousin Michael’s place in Atlanta.

Brooks, of course, is Vick’s cousin. Things could get interesting at the next family reunion if one of Vick’s cousins might be the key witness against him, and another might be his replacement.

Then I see that KFFL is reporting that Brooks is meeting with the Steelers.

Steelers | Team visits Brooks
Tue, 24 Jul 2007 07:33:07 -0700

John Clayton, of ESPN.com, reports the Pittsburgh Steelers have visited with free-agent QB Aaron Brooks (Raiders).


ESPN’s John Clayton

So now that the flood gates have opened can we expect Aaron Brooks to Jax, KC, Oakland…(oh yeah, we tried that).

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4 Responses to “Aaron Brooks Top Story!”

  1. Pierre Says:

    I am so sick of people talking crap about AB. Im not even a fan but lets look at some facts and records. From 2001-2005 only Tom Brady has had more 4th quarter comebacks… i can go on but u people don’t know football from hockey… and by the way you don’t get over 21,000 passing yds in the NFL by being horrible so kiss ass and take name….

  2. Tino Says:

    Settle down or you will roll Aaron right off your bed. Brooks is done. There were not many people that were bigger fans of Aaron Brooks than myself. I’m looking at a picture on the shelf of my three year-old draped in a Brooks jersey right now. That doesn’t stop me from realizing that this isn’t 2005 anymore, Toto.

    I’m so sick of people that pull facts out (read:brought up NFL.com’s stat page) from years ago and think they apply today. Shows ignorance in itself.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment.

  3. JP Says:

    I agree with Pierre. Teams could do worse picking up a third quarterback then Brooks. Not really sure why he’s not playing somewhere. No doubt he went downhill in 2005 but come on, if the Raiders had any kind of offensive line he might have been able to do something there. He’s easy to rattle and if he has to run for his life he’s pretty bad. I’d like to see him make a comeback though I’m not holding my breath. He had some great years with the Saints.

  4. Tino Says:

    I don’t agree with Pierre because he makes it sound as if Brooks will come in and take your team to the Super Bowl. PLayers are not given jobs off what they did 3-4-7 years ago if a team doesn’t feel they can perform today. Brooks could easily be a number 3, even a number two, and a good option at that. But he thinks he is a starter and teams disagree. Even Tim Couch is getting short stints at a job before he does. I was a huge Aaron Brooks fan but I can come to terms that this isn’t 2004 anymore. And that, my friend, is why it surprised me to all of a sudden see his name twice in one day.

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