Saints D not THAT bad?

I was just having a look at the page and seen that the poll up today is asking for the best Defense in the NFCSouth. Of course I hit a vote for the Panthers but I was surprised by the results so far in the poll.

  • Panthers 51%
  • Saints 26%
  • Bucs 17%
  • Falcons 6%

The Saints are traditionally on the bottom of this list. Should this be attibuted to the Saints offseason moves or the decline of the Falcons and Bucs? Although there were no stellar signings in the offseason they did bring in help in the D-Backfield and LB corps. Charles Grant was locked up and teamed with Will Smith makes a jiggy duo on the ends of the line. The middle of the line is still a worry and now Bryant Young broke his foot.

Apparently the voting public feels that the Saints are not as bad on the defensive side of the ball as usual. What does this say for the Falcons and Bucs? Just a year ago these two squads were still considered some of the best in the league.

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One Response to “Saints D not THAT bad?”

  1. OMAR Says:

    That’s retarded. The Saints gave up 4.9 per rush last year, which was 2nd to last in the NFL.

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