NFL Jabber 7/19/07 This whole Vick getting busted thing is putting a spotlight on a “sport” that doesn’t want it.

  • Even if Vick dodges the Federal thing, he could still face local charges. Marcus Spears is 20 lbs. lighter and liking this new Coach in town thang.

  • Another Cowboy note…will someone please get a grip on the Big D Grid Iron blog or just shut the damn thing down? The spam has been all over that thing for quite some time. (Warning…if you go to the link you will see what some call “bad words”).

Rumblings this week about just how secure Rudi Johnson’s job is after Marvin Lewis said he wants more yards per carry. This should put a little spotlight on Kenny Irons in camp. The USA Today top 25 in the last 25 years has been getting alot of smack talk. Walter Payton comes in number 3. Who the hell can be #2 and #1?

The Saints already suck in the middle of the D-Line. Now Bryant Young has fractured his foot. Who will take his place you ask?

Young’s backups are Kendrick Clancy, Antwan Lake and Rodney Leisle. Leisle started during Hollis Thomas’ suspension last season. Jeff Fisher could be the most sought after Free Agent Caoch in sometime in 2008. But…he expects to get a new contract with the Titans.

“I expect it to get done,” Fisher said. “I would say the same thing I’ve been saying: negotiations are progressing. Nobody’s put a timetable on anything and we’re just moving forward. I don’t anticipate any problems and I fully expect to be here.”

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3 Responses to “NFL Jabber 7/19/07”

  1. The Hazean Says:

    Perhaps the Saints will make a move on Tank Johnson now with Young’s injury …

  2. FanProphet Says:

    Fisher loves the Titans, I couldn’t see him anywhere else.

    Tank in N.O. that would be great come November.

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