Some ESPY Thoughts

I just watched the replay of the ESPY’s and thought I would jot down some thoughts.


  • Amanda Beard has a big shiny forehead just like Peyton Manning. Did they airbrush that out of the Playboy pictures?
  • Speaking of Peyton Manning…that guy is so damn polite and proper. I would welcome a headline of him getting pulled over doing 45 in a 25, drunk but not enough to blow over, texting some cuss words at his mom with a stripper having Tom Brady’s baby on his lap.
  • When they do the tribute to the people that died in the last year…clap for all or none. It just seemed awkward when the crowd would clap praise for one dead person but you could hear crickets as they show pictures of Darrent Williams and Marquise Hill.
  • I’m not a big basketball guy and I don’t know that I have ever heard LeBron James talk but the guy is actually funny. Can’t act, but he can laugh at himself…getting a big forehead nod of approval from Peyton Manning after doing a musical spoof of Bobby Brown’s “My prerogative.”
  • Boise State Football, LT and the Colts cleaned up just going to show that football is the greatest sport on earth…or at least with the people voting on ESPN’s website.
  • You ever see that Episode of King of Queens when they get an oil painting they just look horrible in? Carrie has this one big man arm? That is all I could think of when U of Arizona pitcher Taryne Mowatt was accepting her award. That girl has some guns on her!


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2 Responses to “Some ESPY Thoughts”

  1. Sportsattitude Says:

    The King of Queens reference to the U of A pitcher is priceless. Her arm is even bigger than the one in Carrie’s painting that Deacon & Kelly gave her and Doug. Also, dead people tributes are always awkward and tricky. Do one for the viewer without having the audience involved. Just some music and pictures/captions. If they want to do one “live” for the audience on-hand, don’t air it.

  2. Tino Says:

    I swear to GOD that was all I could think about. Her left arm was behind the Award and she just had this big right arm!

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