NFL Jabber 7/15/07 David Steele of the would like to see the story of the Colts skipping town in the middle of the night to Indy put to film. I would watch that. That must of been crazy to be a Colts fan in Baltimore in ’84 to wake up one morning and your team is gone.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The Titans have sold out every game at LP Field since it opened in 1999. The home opener against the Colts in two minutes!

“We thank the fans for extending our sellout streak to 93 games,” said Don MacLachlan, Titans executive vice president of administration and facilities. With Fakhir Brown’s suspension there is all of a sudden a race for a starting job in the Rams D-Backfield.

“It creates an opportunity for great competition at the other corner spot opposite Tye” Hill, the starter at left cornerback, coach Scott Linehan said Saturday from Los Angeles, where he was attending a reunion marking 70 years of Rams football. In other things named Brown news…The Browns need to figure out who their starting QB is going to be.

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