NFL Jabber 7/13/07 Every year there is one guy that gets all the pub in the Supplemental Draft. This year the Ravens took that guy and gave up a fifth round pick next year.

“If you would tell us that we drafted Jared Gaither in the fifth round of the 2008 draft, we’d be doing handstands and cartwheels,” Ravens director of college scouting Eric DeCosta said. “We think we took an interesting step today.” The Chargers made a pick as well, selecting Georgia cornerback Paul Oliver in the fourth round.

“We had the opportunity to get a good football player today, and we took it,” General Manager A.J. Smith said in a statement. “Paul Oliver is very competitive, aggressive, confident player. He’s not cautious about anything he does on the field. You know how we like depth. We’ll add Paul to the mix as a Charger and time will tell.”

Sad story continues. David Pollack is going to be sitting out yet another season with his serious neck injury. One thing you can say is this guy just doesn’t give up.

Strange things happening in the bayou. The Saints starting out the season as contenders?

“It’s definitely different,” general manager Mickey Loomis says. “There’s high expectations outside of our building and inside our building.”

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Emmitt Smith is up at No. 7 on the USA Today Top 25 in the last 25 years. He should have fell out of the top 10 for going to the Cardinals. Steve McNair is worried about his boy Vince in Tennessee after the loses on offense.

“When you have that ability to change a game all by yourself, you don’t need as much,” McNair said of Young. “I would love to see them continue to have great receivers around him. I think the young guys will do well.

“But what I’m concerned about is the running game. I think what makes a guy like Vince go is the running game. Because you know he can pass the football and you know he can do things with his legs. That’s what gets the passing game started, a good running game.” Ok…the guy will never make the team but the headline for the Panthers signing a former French Bobsledder just jumped out at me.

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