NFL Jabber 7/10/07

It cracks me up when a site tells you they are “Your number one source for…” While they are telling you that, someone else is just giving you the material. Apparently, ESPN’s Hasmarks Blog is your number one source for the supplemental draft. Tony Dungy is heading out on a book tour. Interesting is that it’s being pimped on the front page of two Buc sites, HERE and HERE. Getting bored with Gruden?

Two more football players are getting work visas. Seppo Evwaraye, a native of Finland, will get a token signing with the Vikings and Mexican defensive tackle Mauricio Lopez signed with the Eagles. The Texans have signed Bethel Johnson. His fourth team in 13 months. He is like the new version of Keenan McCardell, only without the stats. Barry Sanders is up in the USA Today top 25 in the last 25 years. He comes in at number 10. Just like with the record you have to ask what number he would be at had he not quit the game. He could have easily broke Payton’s record and then went on to smudge his legacy with a stint on the Cardinals. Brandon Stokley is ready to do something for the Broncos that he had not done for the Colts in a while…play. This is actually a couple days old but an interesting take from Michael David Smith at The Fanhouse. Jeff Fisher is going to be a Free Agent Coach in 2008.

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