Larry Johnson falling out of favor?

Just a year ago Larry Johnson was going first in many fantasy football drafts. What a difference a year makes. I have noticed that although many “experts” are still ranking LJ #2 behind LT, Joe Fantasydrafter is letting LJ fall in many mock drafts. You have to take notice of the actions of the people that you are actually playing against.

Riding on an article by Tom Borrelli questioning who the #2 back should be in fantasy drafts this season I posted a poll at There is NO Offseason with the backs mentioned in the article. I have to say I was a bit surprised at how LJ has fallen out of favor with my fantasy football peers. Taking the first twelve votes (Like the basic 12 team fantasy league) these are the results…

Who is the #2 fantasy pick after LT?

Frank Gore
33% [ 4 ]
Larry Johnson
16% [ 2 ]
Steven Jackson
41% [ 5 ]
Shaun Alexander
0% [ 0 ]
Joseph Addai
8% [ 1 ]
Travis Henry
0% [ 0 ]

Some comments by the voters…

Beaverton Brawler: I’ll take Frank because I’m a Niner fan, Joseph will be a stud with more carries in Indy though.

Bluewolf: I think it is pretty much a toss up, but if I had to pick one, I would say Frank or Joseph will have the better numbers this season.

Kelloggs23: (On Larry Johnson) His uncertainty of if he’ll even be at KC plus he took quite a beating last year. New QB doesn’t help either. Plenty of ? marks with him.

In the Hazean Blogger Mock Draft that I’m participating in, Johnson went 4th after LT, SJax, and Joseph Addai.

It does not necessarily surprise me that Johnson is not the #2 pick, I myself think that goes to Steven Jackson, it’s the fact that he could be falling to number four in many drafts. THAT, my friends, makes for an interesting first round.

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