Getting my fantasy on!

I looked at the calendar today and it’s July already. Zero work put into fantasy football this far into the year outside of restricted free agency and rookie drafts in a couple of dynasty leagues. What has happened to me?

I looked at rankings for the first time a few minutes ago. I can’t describe the feeling. The tingling in the gut. I’m all giddy. With all my time being put into getting the new football fansite going and putting more time into the blog than I ever, I have neglected my favorite sport. Yes I say sport because I’m just that far into fantasy football.

I’m really looking forward to fantasy football in 2007. Outside of my regular leagues at our site I’m getting into some new leagues. A majority of the guys in the leagues at TINO I have played with for years. I realize today how much I miss the mystery of who your playing.

New for 2007… was asked to be in an “experts” league where different fantasy websites face off (still don’t know how that happened). The bloggers that are participating in The Hazean Mock Draft have decided to put a league together. We started an IDP re-draft league at TINO. I’m going to be helping to represent Cowboy Pride in a battle of website affiliates. I joined a keeper league. I’m sure there are some others I’m forgetting about. I usually don’t like to spread myself too thin but…

I’m sad to say I’m losing a rival this year. The rivalry goes back to grade school when he stepped on my glasses (still says he didn’t). He can’t play this year so I’m focusing my energy on a guy named FootballJoe in our IDP Dynasty. Sorry you have to feel the brunt of this Joe but someone has to be the motivator.

So I’m done rambling. It’s all good right now. I’m going to dive into some research. Happy Drafting!

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One Response to “Getting my fantasy on!”

  1. jeremy Says:

    I realized that too, I have about 1 month before my first of multiple drafts

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