NFL Jabber 7/1/07

Not exactly new news (typing this I wonder if the word “news” comes from “new”…hmmm….) but it’s being talked about again how the NFL is looking at 45 second max on video that will be allowed for news organizations to use at a time on websites. That, my friend, sucks!

Houston Chronicle’s John McClain has shown just how hard that is to cram a story into that time allotment in THIS VIDEO. You know how people talk about when a professional sports star should realize he is a role model and should act like? They usually say this when the player screws up but Vince Young knows it now. It’s not exactly what he was talking about when discussing his ROY campaign but it’s what I thought of reading it.

“It’s my dedication,” he said. “I didn’t want to fail. A lot of people look up to me: My family. Fans. Kids. A lot of people in the world look up to me. Here I am in a whole other state. I didn’t even know they liked me here. But kids know about me and they love me as well so that’s a good deal.” JJ Cooper at The Fanhouse points a finger at John Clayton for pointing a finger at Romeo Crennel. Expectations not being met could have Romeo out in October? A little soon, isn’t it? Things are slow in Steelerland. The Steelers/NFL section of the Post-Gazette highlights the triumphs of the Pittsburgh Passion of the National Women’s Football Association. I think they are pretty good. They beat West Michigan Mayhem, 34-6. My first instinct was to crack something about Michigan women. I could make a joke here about Michigan residents if it were guys but since it’s women there is no way I come out of that alive.
Great write up by Chip Brown at the Dallas Morning News on the toll that football took on Earl Campbell.

Fortunately for Campbell, he is in his 16th year as a special assistant to the athletic director at Texas, a job that pays him $50,000 a year and provides his health insurance.

Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds on Friday called Campbell “an important ambassador for the university.”

“Thank God for the University of Texas,” said Campbell, whose latest back surgery came on March 26 to remove bone spurs. He goes to physical therapy three days a week and regrets quitting on the physical therapy prescribed after previous back surgeries.

Let’s hear it for UT taking care of their own! Hook’em Earl!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. There are people out there that think Travis Henry is a top 3 Fantasy RB this year. I’m not kidding! I think we were taught last year that being in the Denver backfield is no longer a sure thing fantasy wise.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Michael Bush is looking good they say at camp. Rumor has it you can’t even tell which leg he had broken.

“It’s the right leg,” Bush answered at the Raiders’ last mincamp. “You couldn’t tell while I was moving? That’s good.”

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