Gonna Mock it up with some other Bloggers


We got invited to participate in The Hazean’s Blogger Mock Draft. Pretty good idea. Twelve bloggers are going to go through a couple rounds of Fantasy Football mocking starting on July 1st. I thought I would show some love to my fellow bloggers and give out some links to some of their recent work.

This will be the draft order and the words in blue are clickable links that will “beem you” to their recent work. Cool, huh? This Internet thing rocks because this would suck doing this by letter.  I would like to take it a step further and challenge you all to a league of our own!
I have the number one pick. I’m not going to rush into anything but I think I know who I’m going to take. I bet I could piss a bunch of bloggers off if I started the thing out by taking Rex Grossman.

First round

  1. TINO Sports Page [July 1] Picture one of those maps that say “you are here…”
  2. The Hazean [July 2] Main page of this drafts creator.
  3. MWC Football [July 3] People like this guy.
  4. Fr. Jim [July 4] Didn’t have a link for this guy. Call me Jim!
  5. Fantasy Football Librarian [July 5] She spells out some IDP.
  6. Curveballs for Jesus [July 6] Yes Jesus can hit a curveball…jeesh!
  7. Next Gen Pro Football [July 7] ESPN hitting the Hash
  8. Cheesesteaks & Stuff [July 8] I think this guy has his laptop wired into just whatever he is thinking
  9. Signal to Noise [July 9] The BS of D-1 Majors…I love it.
  10. NFL Minute [July 10] Cool logo
  11. FanProphet [July 11] This guy stopped by our old Bloghouse. I like you, I may even give you a nickname.
  12. The Extrapolater [July 12] Doesn’t that Noah guy look like Sanjhia from American Idol?

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3 Responses to “Gonna Mock it up with some other Bloggers”

  1. Extra P. Says:

    I think you have that exactly right. Joakim=Sanjaya.

  2. Tino Says:

    Except the spelling, but I knew that going in.

  3. cheesesteakdude Says:

    I’m up for your challenge if everyone else is.

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