Happy Birthday John Elway!

https://i2.wp.com/www.tino-offseason.com/forum/myth/broncosgif.gif Happy belated Birthday to John Elway. Can you believe this guy is gaining on 50? He turned 47 yesterday and seemed to be lost in the shadow of sharing a birthday with KSK in the blogging world (they did have quite the party going).

Elway kind of seems ageless to me. It would not shock me a bit if he were still playing. I think that is because he was there for a majority of my football youth and into adulthood. I remember the first time I seen Elway on TV. He was leading this great comeback. No…not The Drive bu a great comeback nonetheless to this kid in small town Iowa sitting in his room. They were playing the Seahawks. I also remember it as the first time I seen a QB throw the ball out of bounds because I was wondering what that was about…turns out he was stopping the clock.

Anyway, Happy Birthday John! Here is a fitting tribute video that The Sports Guru posted at Milehighreport.com

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One Response to “Happy Birthday John Elway!”

  1. former fan Says:

    this dude is an a$$hole. i was in phoenix a couple months ago and my buddy asked him for an interview (politely) and he pushed him back because he wanted to take his picture with a cell phone. his words: “a f’ing cell phone, you want to take my picture with an f’ing cell phone?! get the f out of here”.

    far as “ageless”, you obviously haven’t seen him yet, he looks like $hit

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