All the fantasy football secrets here! Pt. one

Fantasy Football Secrets. You notice how almost every site that wants you to pay to see their content seems to have THE secret to help you win YOUR league. I call BS! I’m sick of it. For one thing, they don’t know which friggen scoring system your using.

It’s like how many bodybuilding magazines that claim to have THE secret workout that nobody has discovered in thousands of years. After about $1000 in magazines you come to realize that there are only so many body parts, movements and angles.

As for pay fantasy sites and magazines I’ll let you in on a little secret. Most of them don’t have anything you cannot find yourself. I’ll help you out a little bit and you can slip me $5.99 if you feel like it. There are some things I will not say however with drafts of my own coming up but I will give you what most sites charging you $19.95 a year will start off telling you.

First, find a league. The best are with some buddies you can sit down in a room with and draft. These are often called “local” leagues…because they are local. If you don’t have enough people to do a local message boards are a great place to get consistent owners. You want to get into a league where the people are not going to sign up and then quit setting their roster. It’s fun to win but deep down you know that there were three teams that have not set a roster since week three. You know. Many of the message boards now days will have a “classifieds” type section with people looking for owners. Some Sites I know of off the top of my head looking for owners are There is NO Offseason (IDP and Re-draft), Cowboy Pride, and Steeler Addicts. These sites have owners that have played together for a long time and are not likely to bail out so that is a good starting point. If you don’t mind paying a great site to find fantasy leagues at is The Huddle. They are serious and you likely won’t get in a league with cred until you have been there a bit. If you don’t know enough other people and HAVE to jump into a league with others you don’t know there are many of the big name sites that offer free leagues. tried to go exclusively pay there for a while and found that the people that either don’t have the money or are just not that serious would go elsewhere. They are in cahoots with Yahoo! is a popular choice for free leagues but you won’t get live scoring until you pay. FOX Sports and ESPN have their own that offer free and pay leagues. If you want to have a league that you have seemingly endless control over I would go with You can see a demo of our IDP Dynasty League HERE

Since I mentioned The Huddle I will go on to what I brought up in the first place, that you can get the information yourself for free rather than paying. The Huddle offers free content and very knowledgeable members in it’s forums. They do have premium content that I will admit is the only premium content I subscribe to each year. Basically because I’m lazy  But it is top notch. An RSS reader can do you wonders keeping up with players. RotoWorld keeps on top of player happenings. KFFL has it’s Hot Off The Wire. There is FanBall. There are tons of them out there that will give you just enough free info but still try to entice you to pay to get more (The secret workout awaits).

Something gaining more steam is the world of Blogging and fantasy sports. Let these guys (and gals) go out and get the info for you. They will work like your own little RSS reader sifting through the garbage first. Two that I have found as of late are The Hazen and The Fantasy Football Librarian. I have to say I’m still a little turned on by a librarian researching fantasy football.


Now some general knowledge about the positions that you don’t have to pay for (feel free to leave a comment request my Paypal account address though). Simple fantasy rules to go by. I’m not an expert but neither are some of these guys telling you the same thing for money. Half these guys out there are “assigned” to write the fantasy stuff and they are using alot of the same free resources out there that you have.

  • RB’s are KING! Get them early and get them often is what they will tell you. For the most part this is true. In most leagues RB’s score the most simply because they get more touches. They get points on the ground and in the air. The Running Back by Committee approach these days cuts into the available RB’s to give you consistent numbers so getting one early is your best plan of attack but not reaching just to get a RB when there are better fantasy performers on the board. It’s all about the points in the end BABY! Simple, try and get yourself a guy who is going to get alot of carries and they don’t shy away from in the redzone.
  • QB’s can be had in later rounds that will give you decent fantasy numbers. They don’t have to be leading game winning drives, this is fantasy football. All they have to do is complete passes and gets some TD’s. There are some like that Manning guy (not the one in New York whose name sucks fantasy owners in only to be disappointed) that go earlier but once you get past the first few guys you can wait. Even the next best guys after Manning, like Brady, Brees, and Palmer may not even go until the fourth round.
  • WR’s have been getting more fantasy cred. Why you ask? Because more and more leagues are going the Points Per Reception route (or the fantasy linguist may say PPR). This opens the doors for many WR’s that are not the burner for the long TD. Your regular 3rd down go to guy is going to pick you up some points just for moving the chains. The top tier can start coming off the board late first round in some leagues, especially those with a couple inexperienced owners. You will see a majority start coming off in the second and third round.
  • TE’s. I find this an important position. Why? Because if you have a guy that scores here and are facing a guy who has ignored the position to make sure he has two extra RB’s on the bench your going to get more points at this position. Simple, right? Antonio Gates is the resident stud here with Tony Gonzales still hanging on a bit. There are a few guys lumped scoring wise right in there last year…Winslow, Heap, Crumpler…even Shockey although he was a disappointment for me. Chances are someone is going to take Gates a little too early, so try and get one of those other guys later.
  • Kickers…Kickers are kickers. They still get pushed around in my fantasy locker room. I guess get a kicker from a team that scores alot for extra points. Or a kicker on a team that can get to the redzone but not much further. They say that kicking in a dome in December may be better than outdoors in the north although Robbie Gould kicked some ass in Chicago last season.
  • Defensive Teams/Special Teams. Well. You want a team that does not give up alot of points and forces turnovers. If you use special teams too, a good kick returner is a plus. Those Ravens and Bears are pretty good.
  • Individual Defensive Players. This is becoming more popular and I’m going to cover this more at a later date as your basically adding another whole roster.

That is going to be it for now. This has went on way longer than I intended so I’m going to have to break up all the rest of the “secrets” into the next post. Until next time…spend the money you just saved on the “football widow” or some beer.

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5 Responses to “All the fantasy football secrets here! Pt. one”

  1. FanProphet Says:

    Alot of good information here. Anxious to see how you plan to draft in The Hazean.

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  3. Jeremy Says:

    Excellent topic good info. But I love the sarcasm in your first paragraph PRICELESS!!

  4. Not Your Everyday Fantasy Links « TINO Sports Page Says:

    […] mentioned in a fantasy football pre-season rant that you really don’t need to pay for “premium” content when it comes to fantasy […]

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