More NFL Jabber 6/27/07 The Rams are going to find themselves in quite the pinch when Marc Bulger’s contract comes up. The way the guy has played they are going to have a hard time convincing his agent he isn’t worth THAT much. Surly they will ask for way to much but it’s just going to be hard to deny giving him a big dollar contract. But they may have to deny it. Patty will tell you about it… The Court shot down Bucs fan Gordon Johnston’s challenge of ending the pat downs when entering Raymond James Stadium. Johnston argued that the foreplay was an unreasonable search. The Court countered…with reason…that it is not within his constitutional rights to watch a football game. I found this funny because it really is something that he is choosing to attend. It’s not like it’s on his way into jury duty (where they may do it too).

“Considering Johnston’s ticket was only a revocable license to attend games, there is in the Court’s opinion at least a question concerning whether Johnston had a constitutional right to pass voluntarily through the stadium gates without being subjected to a pat-down search, even if he had not consented to one,” the court wrote. Brooks Bollinger says that execution is what is bringing the Vikings offense into question. I question this…Why the hell is Brooks Bollinger talking? And why is there a big ass AP write up on what he has to say?

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