Commish will be Crackin’ Skulls

“Now that’s it, Rook! I’m gonna be right outside those doors.
Next time I have to come in here, I’m crackin’ skulls.”

Class was in session when the Principle took the stage. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell showed all the new rookies that his was bigger than theirs at Monday’s Rookie Symposium. You have to think this guy had a “You want some of this?” air about him. I would loved to have been there to see how many ways a guy can say “Don’t f*ck with me” without actually saying it.

“I’d be naive to think everyone would be able to understand it,” Goodell said. “But I think we’re making players more aware of the standards of behavior. We’re giving them more tools and resources to make sure they can make those decisions.”

Read as, “I AM THE LAW, there will be those that don’t get it now but I will get it through their friggen skull.” You have to give this guy some credit. He has not been in long and he already has a “Godfather” type thing going. He won’t even have to speak before long.

Kudos Commish!

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