NFL Jabber 6/24/07 If there is a guy who can tell you if anything is going to be different this year it’s going to be Marcel Shipp. The guy has been around for seven years. Sucks to be on a losing team that long. Sucks more to be on a losing team that long in the desert.

“Just judging by the offseason, it’s like night and day,” he said. “I look around the weight room and about 85 percent of the guys are training, doing stuff that is going to help us on the field. Usually, in the past, guys would come in, work out, then go work out somewhere else after. Now, we have guys coming in, working out, and you’re going to sleep after these workouts.” Another NFL player got his ass hit with a taser this weekend. Dolphins DT Fred Evans got it this week. I know you have never heard of him but apparently his is how the kids get their name out there these days. Carnell Williams got slapped with a bit of reality last season after a decent rookie season. Rookie season=playoffs. 2006 season= 4-12.

“I found out you definitely shouldn’t take winning for granted,” said Williams, the third-year Tampa Bay running back.

“Sometimes you beat teams and think that’s what you were supposed to do. After the season we had last year, I’m counting every win and going to be thankful for however it comes.”  It’s nice to hear good things come from the Titans.   Jeff Fisher’s charity softball game drew a crowd and people had fun.  Get this…a punter played a major part in a game on offense!  Craig Hentrich hit a two-out RBI single to tie the game.  With it still tied in extra innings, Fisher showed he still has control over his players by calling the game so the crowd could catch some fireworks.  There is more to the Packers franchise then Brett Favre, and they brought it financially in 2006.

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