NFL Jabber 6/23/07 Thomas Jones is looking forward to playing on an offense with some playmakers. I never really thought about it but this guy is going from being on the field with Rex Grossman to Chad Pennington (insert injury joke here). The receiving threat on the field will be Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery instead of Desmond Clark. Another reason to feel that Jones is going to break out BIG this season.

“The offense that we run gives me a lot of opportunities to get the ball in the open field and do some things out there,” Jones said. “Chicago’s offense was a little more…we were pretty predictable as far as the running game. Our philosophy was, ‘Let’s do what we do,’ and that’s run the ball.

“We have some great players on offense. We have a lot of guys who can make plays.” A co-owner of Wet, the nightclub in Appleton, Wisconsin that is getting more exposure now than they ever could, says that someone had thrown a drink on Nick Barnett before his scuffle. May or may not have been related.

“I’m not going to say Nick was on his best behavior that night, because he wasn’t, but this is getting blown way out of proportion,” said Kathy Peotter, co-owner of Wet.

She goes on to say “Hi Mom” and that there are two for one Cheese curd baskets at the Chow Chip tossing contest.

Seriously though, is this going to be one of those things where the “victim” needs $1.5 million in emotional damages? Sounds like one of the things that happens every night in a bar but when it’s Larry from New London with his old Packers jacket with the plastic yellow sleeves you don’t hear about it.

The Saints have signed all of their draft picks except first rounder Robert Meachem. I would hate to be his agent right now. It would suck trying to convince the Saints they need to give more money to my guy when within the first two months of being part of the team he has shown up tubby and has had surgery already. When Jim Brown speaks, people listen. It’s interesting to hear this legend speak on his former team. Brown gives a position by position break down on how he feels the Browns are looking.

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