NFL Jabber 6/21/07 Larry Johnson to holdout? He says it could happen. The guy is set to make $1.7 million in his 5th season. Now, Johnson is aiming for a deal in the LT area which may look as if it’s aiming too high but they have to work with this guy. Not saying they should give him LT money but come on! Being the end of June they should have been panning this one out for some time.

“I’ve talked with Herm (Edwards) about it,” Johnson replied. “Herm said he doesn’t even know the money I’m asking for. He said he doesn’t
really care. He said I’ve done a lot in terms of OTAs (organized team
activities) and minicamp to buy into the program. He said he’ll talk
with Carl and those things will get handled. It all depends on how the
upstairs people play it.” With all the negative going on there is a positive in Frisco. Frank Gore is training hard to make this season better than the last. Last season was nothing to shake a stick at for a RB but I look for Gore to break out even more this season as Steven Jackson did last year. I was just wondering the other day what Jake Plummer was up to as I was reading something on Jeff Garcia being a shoe in for the starting job in Tampa already. Jon Gruden is still carrying a torch for Jake.

“We’re talking about Jake Plummer here, so we’ll reserve a roster spot
for the ‘Snake’ a little while longer,” Gruden said. “If it was Jake
Jones or Jake Johnson or Jake Gruden, we’d probably bypass the holding
pattern we’re in right now. [But] this is one heck of a football player
who has accomplished a great deal. At this point, he’s retired, and
hopefully, at some point, he changes his mind or reconsiders.” The Bears had some fun on the last day of practice before camp. Including a #55 on the field that was not Lance Briggs.

”A lot of guys were switching jerseys,” cornerback Nathan Vasher said. ”It was like the last day of school — everybody was going out there to get our work done, but we definitely were going to enjoy ourselves.” The WR that just wouldn’t die…Keenan McCardell may land with yet ANOTHER team. According to The Washington Post proposals are going back and forth between the Redskins and McCardell’s agent. It appears that McCardell has had some options this offseason…makes me wonder what it is about the Skins that peaks his interest.

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One Response to “NFL Jabber 6/21/07”

  1. nomadiclogic Says:

    Honestly, I think LJ should hold out. $1.7M isn’t even a fraction of what he’s worth. LT money? No. Top 3 RB money? Absolutely.

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