NFL Jabber 6/19/07

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Mike Vick has bailed out on a youth football camp to be held at the College of William and Mary. Scheduling conflicts are the given reason. I don’t know if it’s related but there is supposed to be a kick ass Chihuahua in the light weight division fighting that day on the circuit. The locals in Philly question McNabb’s recent number 12 ranking on a QB list. You can’t be ranked on name alone (although I think he gained a couple spots based on name), you have to play the game. Tommie Harris has apologized to his team for joking around that they would win a Super Bowl if they had Donavan McNabb on the team. May be the PC thing to do now but Tommie has a point. It would have been a different Super Bowl exchanging McNabb (when semi-healthy) for Grossman (fully healthy).

The Saints had a mock funeral for all of their 2006 awards. They buried 18 replicas of awards to put 2006 behind them and focus on 2007. That Sean Payton, one creative guy.

“We had a six-piece blues band, a preacher, a coffin and somber music as our players gathered around,” Payton said. “We dug a hole in the ground right outside on the practice field. The band, the preacher and the pallbearers came out with the casket from the weight room and walked real slow.

“That was the last thing we did as a team, put that casket in the ground before breaking.”

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