Just being a fan today…

So I’m trapped at my mother’s house today without my usual tools I use to wander around the web for NFL Jabber. Oh I could still do it, I really just don’t feel like it. Instead I have decided to just be a sports fan today and browse around some of my favorite sites. Which leads me back here to The Bloghouse because I feel I have to share.

A couple of things I wanted to share are Sports by Brooks new girl, Teressa. Yep, that’s both of them…Click on the link to see Teressa and here reasons.

Elsewhere on the net…Kissing Suzy Kolber does a fine literary piece on Sarah Shahi (with hot video) and the new Dolphins cheerleader, Ashley White…yummy.

Sara Shahi

Could you imagine the response from the Browns fans if Derek Anderson started the season as the QB? Michael David Smith discusses that being likely in The Fanhouse. (Straying from today’s chick theme now…)

Mixing football and females… I stumbled across an interesting concept this week. A Librarian that loves fantasy football…and takes the time to blog about it. Stop in and check out the Fantasy Football Librarian.

The ProFootballTalk.com Turd Watch is celebrating 28 days without an arrest…the record keeps climbing. The Jax Jags are still holding a solid lead with 41 points.

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One Response to “Just being a fan today…”

  1. FanProphet Says:

    A librarian that likes fantasy football. Pretty cool! Enjoy your day off.

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