NFL Jabber 6/12/07

Giving up a day off is not such a bad thing when your Kendrick Clancy. After being cut by the Cards he is straight to work with the Saints.

“I really don’t have any time off, so I’m just going straight into the workouts,” Clancy said after practice Monday. “Coming in, they give me this playbook and say you need to know this by Monday. It’s cool though. I’m playing catch-up. I guess they’re not going to just put me in the fire just like that. I’ll get it.

“It was no fun when (the Cardinals) came to me and said to either take a pay cut or you’re going to get released. I didn’t want to take a pay cut to be out there. I kind of figure I could get on a team that was going to make the playoffs.”

Tony Romo is ready to get paid…and he would like to see it before the season starts.

Our guest this week on “Cashing in on an NFL Player” is Lions DT, Shaun Rogers. Headlines read… “Stripper: Lions’ Rogers touched me.” Was it when the $1 was being put in your G-String or when you were straddling his lap with your chest in his face? I have been in….I mean, heard about strip clubs. Many have a “no touching rule” that gets broken when a customer cops a feel. From what I have “heard” you get reminded of the rule or ejected…doesn’t usually make national news. Who knows though…he could have been all over her like she was a jelly roll. I’m sure we will hear more soon and the pictures of her can’t be far behind.

Jones Soda, a local product that has knocked Coke out of Seahawk games, is getting an all star cast to pimp it.

“What a lineup. We are really excited about this,” said Peter van Stolk, founder and chief executive of Jones Soda. “It’s our goal to create a new fan experience.”

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, tackle Walter Jones, linebacker Lofa Tatupu, wide receiver Deion Branch and kicker Josh Brown will be featured on bottles in the 2007 season.

Jones Soda bottles photo

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