NFL Jabber 6/7/07

Robert Meachem is not off to a great start as the Saints first round pick. He showed up overweight, sprained his ankle, and now has had knee surgery…all within a little over a month of being drafted. He is expected to be back by training camp.

“I kind of feel discouraged a little bit because I want to show the coaches what I can do and you can’t show them what you can do when you’re hurt,” Meachem said Wednesday. “For me, it’s going to be a time I’ve got to keep praying and just stay focused — don’t let the knee injury get to me.”

The Culpepper to Raiders talk is starting. Cam Inman of Is getting the debate fired up.

What do the Raiders have to lose? It’s not as if they’re married to McCown, whom they took from Detroit in the offseason for a fourth-round draft pick. As for Walter, we learned Wednesday he recently underwent knee surgery, further lowering his stock.”

Former Steeler, Jerome Bettis, has opened “Grill 36” a few hundred yards from Heinz Field. That isn’t the story here, it’s a lead up to me letting you know Kordell Stewert is still alive as he was one of the guests on Tuesday.

Chad Greenway is pumped about getting on the field for real.

“It’s just about learning your position and learning the ins-and-outs and when you can maybe jump a route,” Greenway said Wednesday after the Vikings had wrapped up another practice during a week of organized team activities. “Just kind of learn that process. … Those first couple games I’m going to be out there flying around trying to make plays. As the season goes on, I’ll be able to become a smarter player by listening to what E.J. says, what the coaches say. Just kind of learn from my own experiences.”

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