NFL Jabber 6/3/07

Players on the Ravens feel they are going to be knocking on the door of the Super Bowl in 2007.

HBO is going to joining the Chiefs for camp this year.

Trent Green was up in the rotation to work with the first team at practice.

Cam Cameron is scoring points with the fans and players.

”Cameron really gets into the community stuff a lot more than Saban did,” linebacker Channing Crowder said at Friday night’s Captain’s Party at Miami Beach Marina. “A lot more guys want to come out to these things. He brings out a lot more of the old players, makes it kind of a Dolphin family really.

“With Saban, it was much more about winning on the field. Cam runs a much better overall program and I think Cam is great for Miami.”

Jennifer Floyd Engel has come up with a new deal for T.O.

Drew Brees is taking notice of the strides Devery Henderson has made.

“It was funny because we watched some cut-ups today from last year’s minicamp,” Brees said. “You watch Devery then and when you watch Devery now and I think the way he carries himself and his confidence level and kind of what he’s experienced over the last year I think he’s such a better player now than he was last year. He continues to get better and he’s still a young player. He can do so many great things for us. He’s such a weapon.”

With all the barking about Mike Vick, the Joe Horn to Atlanta story has kind of fizzled. For those still listening, Joe is happy to be a Falcon.

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